14 Podcasts Every Dog Parent Must Catch On

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Do you listen to a podcast? Of course, you do, just like everyone else on social media. The popularity of podcasts is growing – and naturally, intermediate blocks and shows include many aspects of a dog-centered lifestyle. Taking interviews with famous canine owners, training tips, and puppy-focused episodes, here are the most-liked 14 podcasts that every dog lover should consider.

Walking Dog

Walking The Dog has radio presenter Emily Dean who enjoys traveling with her friends and their favorite poets. The guest list includes singer Jamie Cullum, former Great British Bake Off presenter Mel Giedroyc and comedian Ricky Gervais, accompanied by German Shepherd Dog, Aunt, from his Netflix After Life show.

Your new puppy

When podcast listener and trained trainer Debbie Cilento realized that “there was no middle ground to go to someone raising a brand new puppy,” he created a podcast based on critical questions asked by his clients. The Standout Episode They Don’t Tell You About Finding a Puppy also includes “some weird but real things, like how puppies get a lot of puppies!”

Animal Show

Actor Dennis Quaid and co-star Jimmy Jellinek co-hosted the Pet Show, which delivers zippy to replace the current pet culture. Famous guests and canine-centric stories are accompanied by pet style tips and Dennis’ Miniature English Bulldog, peaches, offering air cameos.

Dog Edition

The Dog Podcast Network signature show is hosted by the founder of the platform, James Jacobson. Launched in early 2021, highlights include:

  • The President’s kidnappings.
  • Tips for grooming while sheltering in the area.
  • The Instagram sensation profile of Loki The Wolfdog.

Tactfully, the episodes come in 20 to 30 minutes to express the average daily travel time.

We don’t deserve dogs.

We Don’t Deserve Dogs started when budding comedian Richie Redding kept calling his pet friend Dr. Lisa Lippman questions about their dogs. The show combines rude jokes and honest canine advice. Richie points to an influential social media episode Katie Sturino: We hear how her dog got married to Bravo and all the great work she does to save the dogs from the mill grinding.

Hunting Dog Podcast

Drawing on 45 years of hunting with dogs and more than 25 years of judging tracking experiments, presenter Ron Boehme began his podcast as an audio hunting magazine. As the show unfolded, Ron heightened his desire to speak with environmental leaders, coaches, writers, and, as he put it, some conversations after a day of hunting.

Behind Bark

The likes of Lucy Riles, Mitra Yosri, and Josh White have come together as competitors, in reality, show The Pack – and have now passed on their canine chemistry to the After Bark podcast. The episodes refer to common dog traits – such as honesty, trustworthy looks, or reliability – and each weekly installment includes a breed-specific category.

Victoria Stilwell’s Positively Podcast

Victoria Stilwell is about promoting the benefits of good strengthening training – and her podcast builds on the success of the TV show Me Or the Dog. With over 800 episodes, Victoria chooses topics that include how music can help canine anxiety, promote during an epidemic, and misconceptions about the “Sit” command.

Oh, Treat yourself! and Arden Moore

Launched in 2007, Oh no! more than 400 episodes are deep. Host and journalist Arden Moore strive to bring together “animal-loving celebrities, leading animal industry leaders, and commoners who do extraordinary work for the benefit of their fellow animals around the world.” Punishment is inflicted on a pet, and more clashes between visitors also follow.

No Bad Dog Podcast.

American Canine Educator Thomas Davis hosts the No Bad Dogs Podcast. Do you often wonder what your dog thinks? Join Thomas as he meets dog trainers, dog lovers, dog lovers, and EVERYTHING. Each episode is usually packed full of dog training details and tips. Don’t miss the weekly Q&A section where you can go in and ask your dog-related questions! They typically discuss some of the topics, including dog/puppy training, dog / canine behavior, advanced training techniques, teaching, and more!

Q&A Training Dogs What could Jeff do?

Q&A hosted by Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training. Jeff is a real dog trainer who has trained thousands of owners and owners to achieve a balanced lifestyle, even for the most demanding dogs. He also travels around the world to share his dog training experience at his meetings. Jeff is excited to reach a much larger audience and share his expertise, helping to train more dogs but also helping to alleviate the pain and struggle of many dog ​​owners who are facing it.

 Wag Out Loud

This podcast is run by Krista, who has been a dog parent all her life. Dogs came in various shapes, shapes, sizes, and colors, and they steal everyone’s heart. She admitted that she has always wanted to give dogs a better life. And that’s why she is interested in reviewing the latest research and findings on canine health care, nutrition, and overall health in her podcast.

Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast

The FDSA has provided high-quality online dog training for dog competitions for the past four years, using only current and advanced training methods. And now we bring that focus to you in a new way. Each episode of the Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast will feature a leading name discussion in the world of dog racing competition, discussing in-depth the often overlooked issues with traditional training methods.

Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

This is Wendy Hendriks From iClean Internationals Ltd. Life-long learner, committed to working hard at self directed learning environment.

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