Small Spaces Pet Owners Guide To Overcome Stinkiness

Small Spaces Pet Owners Guide To Overcome Stinkiness

It doesn’t matter how much you care for your dogs, they will end up smelling in the end. It is how they are by nature so there is nothing you can do to eliminate the smell all together, the best you can hope for is reducing it to unnoticeable levels. The smell is bad enough if your house covers over a thousand square feet but if your house is on the smaller side then it gets completely intolerable.


There are many things you can do using simple ingredients already lying around the house to eliminate unpleasant odor and keep the house looking clean and smelling fresh.

Pantry Hack

If you have visited the supermarket recently, chances are that you will have a few potent natural deodorizers like vinegar and baking soda sitting in your pantry. These are both cheap and highly effective cleaners. Mix vinegar with water and you’ll have a strong cleaning solution that doubles up as an odor remover. Baking soda is ideal to remove odor from objects that that cannot be cleaned with liquids. Sprinkle a handful on items like big carpers, mattresses, curtains and some linens and vacuum them off after a while to remove any underlying odor.

Cross Ventilate

The best way to get rid of stinky air inside the house is to open up all windows and cross ventilate the house. This will force out any stale air and bring in clean fresh air into the house. Stale air will intensify any underlying odor. If the weather outside is not ideal then you can use certain indoor plants that can neutralize any toxins in products you use to eliminate odor.


Schedule Regular Grooming Routines

It is normal to assume that only your pet’s fur and skin are the cause of foul odor in your house. In reality, ears and teeth may be equally responsible. To minimize odor in the house, set up regular grooming routines to keep your pet and your house smelling fresh. Here are some must-do routines for effective grooming of your pet.

  • Brushing – If you own a dog with long silky hair then you must make it a habit to brush their fur every single day in order to avoid matting. For other dogs with small hair, you can get away with brushing their fur coat once a week.


  • Bathing Dog Wash must be a priority for all pet owners, For dogs that are not subject to a lot of outdoor activity, it is advisable to wash them once a month. With a Dog Wash Machine, this is not a chore you will loathe anymore. these Pet Washing Machine make it a fun experience for both you and your pet.


  • Ears – It is recommended to check your dog’s ears once a month and clean them with a gauze. You must never use Q-tips as they can cause immense damage to their ears. If you happen to find any discharge with a foul odor contact your Vet immediately.


  • Teeth – Clean their teeth twice a week to prevent the build-up of odor-causing bacteria. If not cleaned regularly, over time plaque may build up causing other complications.