Dog Health Checklist

Dog Health Checklist

Owning a dog for the first time can nerve-racking. You will need to possess telepathic powers to decipher what they want to tell you. As most humans don’t speak the dog language, it is impossible to know what your dog is trying to tell you by wagging its tail and barking. Is it happy, anxious, wants something or thinks something as a potential threat, most of us will never know.

While there is no clear line of communication between dogs and humans, we can understand a lot by observing their body language. Even as a beginner it is easy to comprehend these signs that dogs exhibit if they are happy or have any sort of illness that needs care. Apart from frequent checkups by the Vet that will include regular check up with samples of blood, urine, and feces testing to determine any hidden ailments, the pet owners must always be aware and look for any signs that dogs show that may indicate the onset of any health problems between checkups. We have compiled a list of healthy signs that dogs must show in order to be considered healthy. If your dog does not comply with any of the things mentioned below then we suggest you take your dog to the Vet immediately.

Healthy Appetite and Body Weight

Ideally, you want your dog to maintain a consistent lean weight that remains as constant as possible without much fluctuation towards either end of the scale. Visually, their waist must taper into their hips but shouldn’t taper so much that you can count all individual ribs separately. Due to excessive feeding and limitations in exercise, obesity in dogs has become rampant. Obesity affects dogs the same way it does to humans. Obese dogs are more susceptible to heart diseases, joint diseases, diabetes, and other diseases. A sudden drop in appetite and weight is cause for concern and must be immediately reported to your Vet.

Relaxed Ears and Eyes

Healthy dogs have a soft gaze with relaxed eyelids and eyes with moderate blinking. When the dog is angry, it indicates this through the eyes by narrowing the eyes to the middle and has a fixed gaze. If most of the white part of its eyes are visible, this is an indication that your dog is scared. Clean ears with minimal wax discharge and without any smell is an indication of a healthy dog. By radiating out the heat, clean ears can maintain stable body temperature in dogs. Ears must be cleaned during a dog wash in a Dog Wash Machine. These Pet Washing Machines have the right pressure faucet to clean the ears without damaging it. If the ear region is smelling musty then it might be because of an infection in the ears. 


Regular Bowel and Bladder Movement

A consistent bladder and bowel movement is a good sign and indicates the dog is healthy. Any difference, increase or decrease in frequency can indicate a serious health issue. Even the color of the dog’s stool can indicate health problems and if any inconsistencies are observed, it must be reported to your Vet.