Roadtrip Tips With Dogs

4 Roadtrip Tips for Travelers With Dogs

Summer, the perfect time to explore new locations with your dogs almost here. With its arrival being long overdue, there is more leeway in time to plan an adventure with your dog.

Taking a dog along with you on your journey needs a lot of planning. It may not seem so for people who regularly take their dog in their car on errands, but long journies are far more demanding on your dog than you think. It is best to be prepared for the sake of your dog’s safety.

Prep your Dog

Most dogs have unique need before a drive like some may get car sick, while some may get anxious when traveling. You must figure out what your pet suffers with by taking them on short trips frequently. This will also get them accustomed to car travel slowly. Once you figure it out, you can take necessary precautions beforehand to minimize or eliminate the problem during the journey. For instance, if your dog suffers from car sickness, you can feed them less food before the journey to keep their stomach empty. Try experimenting different things to figure out what works for them and what doesn’t.

Rig-Up Your Car

If you take your pet out in your car, you can get durable stain resistant seats like leather or vinyl seats. Seats with a cloth cover will get covered in pet hair and can get stained so it is advisable to get the seats covered with either permanent covers or temporary water repellent polyester covers you can find online. These will do the task of keeping your car seats clean and fresh.

You can even purchase seat belts or tethers to keep them safe during any kind of accidents and collisions. You must also carry ample supply of water and food along with the two bowls to serve them. This will ensure that they are well fed and hydrated.

Plan your Stay

Make arrangements for accommodation well in advance in a pet-friendly hotel to avoid the hassle of finding a pet-friendly hotel in some random location. By doing research and looking at reviews, you can find great places. Some pet-friendly hotels even have Dog Wash Machine for Dog wash along the way. These Pet Washing Machines can help clean-up your pet and get them refreshed.

Organize your Agenda Meticulously

Think of everything you can do along with your pet and do your research on the availability of the places along with their operation timing and plan your trip accordingly. You would be surprised to find all the things you can do along with your dog. Go on forums and blogs to find out what others advice to do in those cities. You can find some amazing pet-friendly hotels as well to pamper both your taste buds.

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