4 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe from the Hot Weather

With strong hints from mother nature, summer is almost here and will be in full swing in a matter of weeks. Get prepared to spend as much time as you could possibly want to spend outdoors with this magical season well underway. This is excellent news especially for those of you with pets as you get to spend some quality time with your pets in the great outdoors. With all this excitement it is easy to overlook the problems that entail with summer. Just like us humans, our pets too are susceptible to the summer heat. We have compiled a list of some tips and tricks to beat the summer heat and all the problems that come with it for your pets.

Never Leave Your Pets in Parked Cars

You must never leave your pet in a parked car under no circumstance. It does not matter if you have cranked up the air conditioner with the car running or rolled down the windows, on a hot day the temperatures inside the car can rise to dangerous levels causing organ damage or even death. You must alert the proper authorities if you find any pet stuck in the car without any sign of the owner.

Keep tabs on the Humidity

Temperature is not the only factor that can affect your pets. Humidity plays a major role in determining the climate. Panting is how animals expel moisture and heat from their body. If the humidity level in the air is too high then it takes considerably longer for them to cool down through panting. By adding high temperature to this, their body temperature quickly skyrockets to dangerous levels causing dire problems.

Limited Exercise

Take extra precaution while exercising your pet during the hot season. Make necessary adjustments in the intensity and duration of the exercise to ensure that their body temperature is in the manageable zone. Unlike humans, dogs cannot sweat from their body to cool down. They rely on panting, which is not the most efficient mode of cooling down so don’t think that if you can handle it, they can as well. It is better to limit the exercise during the cooler hours of the day like mornings and evenings. Be especially careful with dogs that have white colored ears as they are extremely susceptible to UV rays in the sunlight. There have been multiple instances of them contracting skin cancer when exposed to intense sunlight. Don’t make them walk on hot surfaces during the hotter times of the day as their paws can get burnt.

Cool Them From Inside and Out

You can make peanut popsicles using peanut butter and any of their favorite foods. Provide them with ample supply of clean fresh water inside and out. Rub them with a damp sponge every day during the hotter times of the day to mimic body perspiration. This can have multiple benefits like it can keep your dogs fresher and it can cool them down considerably. Dog wash once a week is mandatory during summer to keep them fresh. With Dog wash machines this is no more a chore you and your dog will loathe. These pet washing machines are extremely simple to operate and takes just 10 to 15 minutes with no messy bathrooms.

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