5 benefits of kissing your dog

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If you have a dog, you must love it to your core. And it, I assume, doesn’t hold back on the snuggles too. But how do you express your love for your furry friend? It is easy with humans; you can just say how you feel, but how can you possibly reciprocate all the love your dog gives to you? Now, if your answer to this question was food and treats, you, my friend! have some serious parenting to learn. It hurts to think that you can not convey your feelings to your dog in your words. We are going to let you in on some ways of showing your affection to your dog so that it can understand you, because well, that four-legged creature deserves to be loved in every way possible. 


5 Ways to express your love for your dog


  1. Doggie hug

Does your dog come and just lay on your legs or press himself up against you? That is a doggie hug. Your dog is trying to seek your attention by establishing physical contact. If you find your dog doing this, leave everything, and just hug your pooch for a minute or cuddle with him.

  1. Ear rubs

The first instinct of many pet owners is to shower their pets with treats to show their love. The second act of love between dog owners and dogs is petting them on their head or back. Next time before going for the treats that can harm his health or the overused Pat! Pat! Try rubbing his ears gently. You will see immediate satisfaction in your dog’s eyes. Ear rubs are loves by all dogs of all ages, and nothing can go wrong here.

  1. Gaze into those wide eyes

Dogs understand the language of the eyes. A deep gaze into the eyes means a lot in the dog world. Show your pup that you love him through eye contact. Sit back and take a moment to just stare into his eyes. Raising your eyebrows is also affective (especially the left one); your dog will recognize this as a display of affection.

Warning: The eye contact thing is only applicable to a dog who knows and trusts you. A dog who doesn’t know you is more likely to interpret this gesture as a threat or a challenge.

  1. Playdate

Dogs love to play! But you know that. Spend a day playing with your dog. Teach him a new trick play with his favorite toy. You can also arrange a play date with another friendly dog and let them both go crazy in the playground. Playing with water is also great. Not all dogs love this, but if your dog is a water spirit, get him an inflatable pool and look at him, play with water like a happy child.

  1. Cuddle

Dogs love cuddling, maybe not tight hugs, but they love laying close up against you. They are pack animals being in tight surroundings close to people they trust makes them feel safe and secure. To show your affection to your dog, you can invite him to your bed and let him sleep beside you. A person is most vulnerable in the sleep, and this act will establish mutual trust between you and your dog. 


Dogs have this 6th sense that helps them understand our emotions. They can absorb the vibe of the room. You must have noticed that if you are stressed, your dog tries to comfort you by snuggling with you or licking you. They need verbal cues to that they can pick up all this from the vibe. So, when it comes to expressing love, make sure your body language conveys the message too.

The controversy around kissing your dog


There always have been reservations about kissing a dog. Dog owners sometimes hold back on the kissing and snuggling because of misconceptions about hygiene. It is understandable and justified to have second thoughts. I mean, we all know what all places that mouth has been. Dogs are quite notorious at poking their noses at some of the uncensored places in the world. It is best to leave the names of those places to your wild imagination. A recent study at the University of Arizona shows the better effects of kissing your dog. The microbes present in a dog’s gut are found to have a probiotic effect on the human body, just like yogurt. We have still listed five more reasons for why you should kiss your dog-

Imagine how your dog waits for you to come home all day. A kiss when you see him lets him know that you missed him too. It enhances the special bond between you both. 

Kissing your dog is a good stress buster. It doesn’t matter who or what is causing your stress, but a kiss to your pooch can make all your worries go just poof!. This happens because kissing releases oxytocin in the blood and that reduces stress.

Your dog loves you selflessly with no terms and conditions. That love should be reciprocated with an act of love like kissing him and showing gratitude for that unconditional love.

Your looks or financial condition don’t matter to your dog. Dogs don’t judge you for the materialistic things. Unlike humans, they won’t break up with you for being a bad kisser.

There is a unique camaraderie one has with a dog. Snuggling up and sharing a warm kiss with your dog during times of agony or sickness fills you with hope and uplifts your mood. They are always there for you, to share your pain.

So let go of all the negative thoughts and kiss your dog as much as you like to.


Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

This is Wendy Hendriks From iClean Internationals Ltd. Life-long learner, committed to working hard at self directed learning environment.

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