5 Tips to Help Groom Your Young Pup

//5 Tips to Help Groom Your Young Pup

5 Tips to Help Groom Your Young Pup

Even though you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, young pups can (and should) become accustomed to a grooming routine by initiating it early on. Experts opine that by training them when they are young, dogs will always retain a positive association with being cleaned and cared for.

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So, with weather conditions worsening by the day, we give you five tips to help you help your pet put their best foot (or paw) forward.

  1. Dental Hygiene

Even though your dog may seem hesitant, he’ll eventually get to know that the toothpaste like a treat! In addition to general cleanliness, the toothpaste will work to break down the plaque. It’s advisable not to use human toothpaste on your dog; instead get him a special paste for dogs from the pet store.

  1. Cleaning the Ear

Use a generic ear wash from a pet store to clean your pet’s ears at regular intervals (weekly/fortnightly.) Dust the ear canal lightly with the non-alcohol wash and wipe clean. Do not allow water to enter your pet’s ears which can cause pain and can cause harm.

  1. Trimming Nails

Be careful not to nip the “quick” vein dogs have in the middle of their nails. Hitting the vein can be highly uncomfortable for your pet. Instead, grind or clip the nail bit by bit till you reach a visible dark spot in the center.

  1. Brush Right

Use appropriate brushes to clean your pets fur coat. For dogs that have long, thick hair like golden retrievers, simply pat and pull to remove the undercoat and freshen the hair. It’s also recommended that you brush the hair daily. Use a slicker tool (that functions in a way to separate the hair,) and start and finish your sessions by lightly combing.

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Maintenance requirements are different for dogs that have hair instead of fur. You can choose to make appointments for routine grooming sessions every month or so.

  1. Bath Time

Make sure you’re always using puppy-formulated products. No kiddie shampoo or even diluted regular shampoos. Have a towel handy! Your pooch will definitely want to shake off the excess water as soon as the bath time is over.

Most dogs rarely require more than a few baths a year – say once a month. However, if your best friend is active or spends a lot of time outdoors, you should wash him more often.

Once your dog gets familiar with the routine of being groomed, it will learn to enjoy it, and grooming will be that much easier in the future. Grooming isn’t merely about making your pup look good. Routine care helps remove dead hair, keeps the fur coat and skin clean and healthy, and gives you the chance to examine your pup’s general health.

The time you both spent together is important in building your relationship, in developing trust and understanding. Scientific evidence has shown that such personal grooming sessions can help reduce blood pressure and stress for you both.

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