A Few Splendid Roles For Your Dog During Wedding Time

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Got a wedding any time soon? Congratulations, I wish you a bountiful harvest of happiness! And also, your four-legged companion told us to tell you to start seeking wedding roles for dogs because he is all geared up for participation. With time, many people involve their dogs in their significant day planning. However, if you are uncertain about your dog’s role in your wedding, we are here to guide you through the process. Likewise, if you are sure about the presence of your adorable boy or girl for the celebration but are skeptical about just how to go about doing that, we’ve rounded up some of the excellent wedding roles for dogs beneath.

  1. Dog of Honor or Ideal Dog

We know how dear is your pup to you. So ofcourse, you love the rest of your wedding bash, but do you love it as much as your pup?! Well, then why do you not plan to make your dog stroll the aisle with your other guests so he can be by your side and witness all your wedding vows?

  1. Escorting the Aisle for the Bride or Groom

If you accompany your pup everywhere, why not on your most beautiful day? You can walk or bring your companion down the aisle before accomodating him in a primo front-row spot. Some people even recommend attaching a GoPro to your dog’s collar to get a view your videographer isn’t going to be able to catch.

  1. Ring Carrier 

It is a popular one—so much so that you can find all sorts of charming dogs, ring carrier pillows, tuxedos, and more adorable outfits online. Ensure there is someone with your little companion walking her down the aisle, or you can use fake rings. Rings are the sort of thing you do not want to leave to uncertainty.

  1. Officiant Subordinate

You will crave to try this by anyone getting married around here, but so long as your human best friend permits, it can be exciting to have your dog best friend “assist” them in matching you and your partner. Just make him sit, stand, or lay down next to the subordinate. He does not need to recall any formal wedding dialect—he will only have to look adorable. 

  1. Admired Guest

The ultimate admired guest is none other than your furry friend. And hey, he doesn’t need to play an important role- you want him by your side on your beautiful day because he is your companion and you love him. So grab a front-and-center seat (or bed) for him from where he can enjoy the function along with your closest members of the family and friends. 

  1. Greeter

Do not you enjoy the sheer happiness of being greeted by a pet dog when you visit your friend’s place? Wonder about your guest’s reaction when they see your pup at your wedding! Credit points if your partner is the sort of puppy who stretches a paw to new faces. 

  1. Flower Pup

Extraordinary dogs can sprinkle a basket of (non-toxic) petals down the aisle, but we usually advise coupling child-friendly canines with a flower boy or girl. Your pup can take the flowers; the little one can do the flowering. 

  1. Marriage Cake Topper 

You must be familiar with the grumpy face of your dog when you leave them alone at home. Thus, ensure he is there on top of that cake with you. If he tags along for the reception, you can also consider having a pup-friendly cake handy for him.

  1. Honored Model

If your pup wants to show up to steal the thunder, i.e.., to look the most attractive one, you must take a few photos of him with different poses. But is he quite stressed to be there on the day of your festivities? Well, you can place him in your engagement photos on that note.

Suggestions for Comprising Your Pup in Your Marriage

  • Did you find your pup comfortable around big groups of people? If not, do not drag him out of his comfort zone. It will not be a pleasant experience for him.
  • It is advisable to make a decision beforehand about your dog’s presence in the reception. You must notice whether he enjoys the food, dance and the music. If not, do not drag him to the mess.
  • It will be of both you and your spouse’s convenience if you manage to hire a pet wedding attendant. They offer thorough canine care before, during, and post-wedding. It will help you, people, to focus on the beautiful journey ahead.
  • To avoid discomfort, you should make your guests aware that your dog will be on the premises. Lest any of them are afraid of dogs, the intimation will help them to stay prepared beforehand. 
  • While you are at it, familiarize all the members with your plan. Ensure dogs are permitted, and keep folks from the catering company to the florist to the band aware of the pet’s presence. 
  • Before proceeding to the actual day, bring your dog to the venue. It will help him get acquainted with the place, and as a result, he will be able to nail his role on your most beautiful day.

Now Arrives the Fanatic

Your wedding is assured to be one of the most auspicious occasions of your life. If your pup joins hands with you and actively participates in the events, will it not remain etched onto all of your hearts? It is a blessing for your entire family to share these memories.  

Now the question is, which of these wedding roles for dogs would your pup enjoy the most? Or lest you are already married, was your four-legged furry friend a part of your most significant life event? You can share this with us in the comment section and with others planning for a wedding.

Our main objective is to facilitate you in spending more time with your pup by exploring and sharing activities they are comfortable with and places they can visit with you.

Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

This is Wendy Hendriks From iClean Internationals Ltd. Life-long learner, committed to working hard at self directed learning environment.

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