Adopting a Poodle Here is what you should know

Adopting a Poodle? Here is what you should know

Poodle personality

The poodles are a popular pet choice at present. People living in urban areas don’t have huge apartments or backyards to accommodate large breeds; hence poodles are a sensible choice. They are small- they don’t need much space, just regular exercise. They are obedient and proper training will make it an apartment-friendly pet.

There some qualities of the toy poodle; that make them a lovable breed. The keywords are obedient, adaptable, intelligent, trainable, and friendly. The poodles are obedient. No matter which size poodle you choose, it will follow your commands. Even the toy poodle will be behaving like a fully trained mature dog. They can adapt to their surroundings without making a fuss. If you are an urbanite, your poodle will adapt to the apartment surroundings easily. It will still need daily walks because physical activity is necessary for poodles. Poodles are intelligent and inquisitive by birth. They are show dogs. It is because of their order following quality and intellect that they give fair competition to other breeds in dog shows. All dogs are pack animals, but poodles require a certain amount of companionship from you. They cannot be left alone at home for long hours. If you work all day, you can not leave your poodle alone at home for a whole day. You will need a dog sitter or dog boarding so that they don’t feel alone. Poodles can develop separation anxiety because of staying alone. They are kid-friendly dogs. Poodles are not aggressive and highly accommodative of kids.



Diet is the most important factor when raising a dog of any breed. A wrong diet plan can mess up your dog’s digestive system. It can make them malnourished or obese. So, to avoid a mishap, the diet should be curated very carefully. If you are adopting a poodle from a shelter or buying from a breeder then don’t forget to take complete info about its food and eating habits from them. If you think the diet followed by the shelter/breeder can be continued by you- fine. But if you want to change your dog’s diet it should be done gradually over some time. A sudden change can affect the digestive system and cause an upset stomach. A diet change should be made by mixing the old and new food and over-time reducing the ratio of the old food. This way, the transition from old to a new food will be smooth for the dog.

The number of meals depends on the age of the poodle. A less than three months old poodle grows best when free fed. Free feeding doesn’t mean just pawning off leftovers to the dog. You must be leaving out some food throughout the day for it to eat. Young puppies have a fast metabolism and need to eat frequently. Clean their bowl every time to pour something for them. Three months or older puppies can have all kinds of food, but the meal number should be fixed to three. Poodles eat small meals at a time that makes them hungry quickly, but let’s get to the meal size later. People believe that adult dogs can sustain on one meal for a whole day. While some breed has the tolerance for it, it is advised to feed a dog twice or thrice a day. You can include several snacks in between too.

The amount of food that a Poodle should be eating depends on its age, activity level, metabolism, and health status. The exact serving size is not fixed. It depends on the type of food. Weather also affects the serving size for poodles as they eat more in winters than in summers. 

Grooming and Care

Poodles are the style fiestas of dogs. The pride in their walk and the majestic look comes from their maintained fur and stylish haircuts. A poodle with matted hair and unhygienic appearance won’t feel good about itself. Matting can also cause anxiety in dogs. Poodles need considerable maintenance. Their grooming and care can not be ignored or slacked off. Standard, medium, and toy poodles all have different hair cuts to go by, but the basics are the same for all. The following are the basics of grooming that you can even take care of at home.

  1. Brushing your poodle

 But the loose and broken hair is natural for any dog. If not brushed regularly, the loose hair will remain trapped in the coat and mat aggressively. The matting is quite problematic for any dog with a nice fur. Sometimes if it is left ignored, the only solution to it is cutting the hair off. Regular brushing can save you and your poodle from all this trouble. Brush your poodle twice or thrice a week to maintain their shiny, soft coat.

  1. Bathing your poodle

The next on the list is bathing your poodle. If you suspect mats, please remove them before bathing your furry friend. Bating removes oil from the hair. Bathing rejuvenates the skin and removes dead skin cells. The hair becomes easier to brush while shampooing. Bathing relaxes your dog and makes it feel refreshed. You shouldn’t bathe your dog very often. A 21-day cycle is appropriate for dog skin cells. Choose the shampoo carefully. You won’t pick up the first shampoo you see for your hair. Don’t do that for your dog that. Look out for the good brands. Organics are always a good choice. Check how oily or dry skin your dog has and then choose a shampoo accordingly.


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