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Beagles have an energetic body and a curious mind. They are the explorers of the canine gang. They are always eager to discover new things even if that thing is a sock you lost months ago. They like to stay active and need minimal grooming or maintenance. Due to their tendency to be in a pack, beagles prefer to stay in a company and not alone. This small breed is always in the wanderlust vibe, so you may have to keep a check on it.

Beagles are the kind of dogs who may destroy your shoe out of boredom or nail the mattress if you leave them at home alone. They are highly destructive of nature, but nothing a little training cannot solve. Beagle training should involve patience. They are howlers too.



The Beagle breed originated in England. The name beagle has two possible Origins- the Celtic word- beagle means small, whereas, in French, it means loudmouth. Originally they were hunting dogs. their purpose was to hunt deer and hare. Beagle existence can be traced back to 1475 as scent hounds. They are most fascinating characteristic until today is their curiosity as they follow a scent. 

The beagle look and body structure depended on the ground they were supposed to hunt on. The countryside beagles of southern England were slow and ponderous. Beagle from the border area of England or the rougher terrain had lots of endurance.  

To create uniformity in the beagle appearance and standardize their behavior, breeders worked to breed them all similarly. The standardization has not affected the breed appearance. A beagle from 200 years ago and a beagle from today don’t look much different. You will be easily able to recognize both of them as beagles only.


Beagles are like house entertainers. They are gentle, sweet, and fun to with be. They will make you laugh; make a perfect company. Of course, their naughty behavior can make you cry too, but that is fine. Beagle owners spend a lot of time trying to think of new and creative ways to rain them. They are Foodies. Only food can lure them into obedience. Even then, it may not last for too long.

Like kids, Dog cognitive development depends on their environment too. The exposure to many different people, sights, sounds, and experiences in their puppy years can develop their senses. This method is called Early Socialization. Socialization helps your Beagle puppy to grow up into a healthy, mentally developed, all-rounder dog.



 Beagles are big on food. They are Foodies of the dog community. These dogs will empty your pantry and garbage daily at the first chance they get. Beagles can eat and eat until they are about to pop

Because of their feeding habits and cravings, as an owner, it becomes your responsibility to keep your beagle in a good shape. Many things need to be considered to maintain. First of all, avoid free feeding. Feed your beagle twice a day only. The food you decide to give your dog should be enriched with nutrients and not just carbs and sugar. 

Secondly, observe your pet health to decide what and how much to feed it. Take the hands-on and eye test on your pet to assess its bodyweight. The eye test is taken by looking down on your pet. The ideal weight makes the body look streamlined and a prominent waist visible. A hands-on test means to assess the body fat by tracing the ribs of your dog. Use your fingers to touch your dog ribs. If the ribs are easily felt and are right under the skin, then it means your beagle is healthy. If you can’t feel the ribs easily and there is fat around your dog ribs, you need to feed it less.



  • Beagles are very-low maintenance dogs. They don’t need extensive grooming. They have a smooth and thick dense coat that is resistant to rain. Beagles need to be brushed once a week with a medium bristle brush to loosen dead hair and avoid mating. It also promotes healthy hair growth.


  • Beagles don’t have a shedding problem. They shed a bit of hair, but it isn’t noticeable. As the temperature lowers in winters, their coats get more-dense to keep them warm. This leads to shedding of hair in the spring season. In general, beagles are clean dogs and don’t require frequent baths and haircuts unless of course, it decides to roll into the mud.


  • As beagles have covered ear, they are at risk of ear infection. Air doesn’t pass too well through their ears which can increase the wax build-up too. To avoid it, check your their ears at least twice a week for wax build-up and infections. Ear scratching and head shaking are signs that your beagle’s ears might be getting itchy. If you see your dog doing so, thoroughly check its ears or let your vet examine him. 


  • Dental hygiene is very important for beagles. Brush their teeth twice a week to take care of their dental health. Not brushing can result in the tartar build-up. Daily brushing is helpful to prevent gum disease and bad breath.


  • Some dogs wear or tear their nails down naturally due to playing on rough surfaces. If your beagle isn’t one of them, trim its nails once a month. How to know if your dog nails are too long? If you can hear their noise as your dog walks on the ground, it means they are too long. Dog toenails have blood vessels in them, so if you are not an experienced trimmer- please don’t experiment on your dog. Ask a vet to trim the nails. 


Beagles can be a difficult breed to housetrain, which is why owners switch to crate training. You can not leave your beagle alone at the house for too long. They get bored very quickly and might try to escape. In the case of beagles, barking is an issue for many owners. They get transferred to rescue groups because owners get tired of their barking. The thing is they need patient trainers. They can learn to behave, but it takes a significant amount of time.

Microchipping a beagle is necessary. For one because they are a target for thieves. People steal them and sell them to research labs for a few bucks. Secondary, due to their scent following nature, they can wander off to track an enticing smell. Beagles are submissive to their noses, and nothing stands in front of an interesting smell for them.


Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

This is Wendy Hendriks From iClean Internationals Ltd. Life-long learner, committed to working hard at self directed learning environment.

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