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The Weimaraner, originated in Germany in the early 1800’s. The species was bred by German officials and was used to hunt large game. Later it was used for bird hunting. Weimaraner was born a complete gundog sponsored by the Weimar Court and was originally named Weimar Pointer. This breed of dogs is part of the Gundog, Pointer, Versatile Hunting dog family.

A Brief History

It is believed that the Bloodhound was born to German and French hunting dogs that led to Weimar Pointer or Weimaraner. The ancestors of these species are also Red Schweisshund, with early identifying species. In the 1950s, the Weimaraner was popular as a companion dog, and as a hunting dog.

The Weimaraner was originally used for hunting bears, wolves, and mountain lions. As the number of wildlife declined, the species was then used as a hunter for all purposes. As for the smooth and soft gray color of this type of coat, the origin is unknown.

The German Weimaraner Club has overseen this type of development all these years, and only members can purchase Weimaraner, which has a hard-to-find membership. In 1929, an American bought two dogs and returned them to the U.S. In this way you do well in listening classes. Later, Weimaraner lovers saw Weimaraner’s power as a hunting partner. 

Physical Definition

The Weimaraner is a medium-sized dog with a large, thin, muscular body. The body is designed to hunt with great speed and speed and speed. Weimaraner is kind, patient and resilient. The head is long, broad, and almost revered; simple frame; The eyes are gray, or blue and cover the ears with a small, curved part.

This species also has a gray nose. The tail is docked, and the Weimaraner coat is short and smooth. The gray coat may have small white markings on the chest area and may be gray to silver-gray in color. This type is very beautiful, game-built, and has royal features. This type has web feet.


Average: 25-27 inches


55-90 pounds

Health Expectations

10-13 years

Personality & Behaviour

Weimaraner is smart, friendly, and athletic. This kind of cute dog needs regular exercise. Weimaraner is sensitive and enjoys being among people, family, other dogs, and animals. Because of their efficiency, they are prone to exclusion and risk. This species loves to chew things, and the parents of pets need to be aware of stomach cramps.

Weimaraner works well with good puppy training classes and a lot of social. The variety also goes well with the kids, and enjoys family outings, is a trip to the beach, and plays Frisbee. Weimaraner wants to have his pet parent and he will be your dignity. This type of dog works very well with an active pet parent and does well with daily exercise otherwise you will end up with a dog that wants and wants. To find out more about the product, visit the Weimaraner Club.

Special Needs

Weimaraner needs to meet people and exercise a lot. This is the kind of top dog care that should have consistent running, walking, and benefits in combination with a few canine sports activities. The beautiful and athletic Weimaraner does well with a lot of exercise. This is best done quickly, working in the field, or enjoying an active outdoor lifestyle.

Initial involvement with other dogs, humans and animals is highly recommended. Weimaraner puppy training classes should be specified as this breed can only benefit from dog training classes. That said, Weimaraner is a smart and shy dog ​​and needs a lot of mental encouragement. This type is very powerful and can enjoy activities for a long time.

Possible Health Concerns

Weimaraner is an active dog breed that may be at risk of the following:

Gastric Torsion: Also known as bloat, gastric torsion is a life-threatening emergency. The stomach moves between the gas and the fluid, then turns, trapping the gas and fluid in the dog’s stomach. Early symptoms are mild, clear mouth, excessive saliva, and vomiting attempts. The stomach will appear irritated, and the dog will not be able to vomit. You will need to take the dog immediately to an emergency veterinarian. This can’t wait a few hours because your dog might not survive.

Hip Dysplasia: This is a rare growth of hip joint in large breeds of dogs such as the Weimaraner. It is usually characterized by loose joints, and then a degenerative joint disease. Dogs should be fed high quality food for their health. Puppies should only be fed high quality dogs ​​food. Obesity, exercise, healthy eating habits, and genetic factors all play a role in hip dysplasia. Consult a veterinarian for expert advice.

Cataracts Occur where the lens becomes cloudy, then prevents light from reaching the retina. This results in blurred vision or blurred vision. These are often found as certain breeds of dogs such as the Weimaraner. Blind dogs seem to be using great caution when walking and staying close to their pet parents.

Dermoid Cysts Are birth defects that may occur in certain breeds of dogs such as Weimaraner. These are pockets of skin where pollen, dandelion, oil, hair and other pieces of debris meet. These are found in the dog’s spine. They can be surgically removed.

Automatic Response: Avoid taking combination medications for immune problems. Consult a veterinarian before all immunizations.

According to the Weimaraner Club, “A small percentage of Weimaraner puppies show an automatic vaccination response. When the immune system of the affected people is challenged by the many antigens found in synthetic drugs, they become stronger and more responsive, in the same way,

Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

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