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Basis of dog wash that every owner should know

Proper bathing and grooming dogs are very indispensable for the health of your pet and your family members. These adorable pets not only live indoors but also sleep in bed with the owners. But, what will we do when they get dirty? Well, it is time for bathing. Bathing is not just about pouring water, rubbing soap and drying. Here is the basis of dog washing that you should know as an owner.

 How often?

It widely relies on the breed of the dog. ‘Every six days’ is the rule of thumb to the dog wash. Dogs with long hair need more frequent dog wash when compared to short-haired dogs. But in between these washes, they might get dirty or stinky. So it is up to you to decide their in-between washes. 

  • Smooth-coated dogs – The dogs like whippets or boxers are very easy to wash. To brush and soap them you can use hound glove, chamois and soft bristle brush and some owers are using a well-equipped dog wash machine. 
  • Wirey coated dogs – You need a stripping comb for them to keep them well clean. In addition, you need to take them to a professional groomer to cut their coat.
  • Long silky coats – Such breeds need to be taken special care while grooming. They need regular combing and brushing. 
  • Other breeds – They require regular dog wash, once or twice a week. Experts are now using dog wash machine which provides customized washing option. 

 Tips for dog wash

Choose the best shampoo which will work better for their skin or hair. If your dog has thick or long hair, it is best to use conditioner to take out mat and tangles. In some cases, owners take their pets to pet washing machine kiosks or centers. If you need any help regarding these queries then it is best to consult your veterinarian. High-end centers use a dog wash machine to groom them properly now. 

 It is really hard to wash a dog, no matter how small it might be. Sometimes, your pet would throw a big tantrum. In such cases, you need to learn some techniques to keep your dog, calm while bathing. Keep toys with you to pacify it. Use lukewarm water and best-suited shampoo for your dog. Rinse well because any left out soap on their body can cause irritation in their skin. Now in the market, there are a few pet washing machine models available for dog owners to try.  In certain cases, dogs might feel more comfortable with the pet washing machine than traditional wash.

 There are professional service providers for dog-related services like dog wash, grooming and for other related services. If you are a new owner or if you have queries related to giving a good bath, it is best to get guidance from professionals before you try at home. Professionals now use a dog wash machine to provide proper cleaning. It is not a compulsion to stick with a pet washing machine, but, if your dog is more comfortable with it, it is a very convenient method to try. 

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