Dog Poison

These common household items can poison your dog. Pet poisoning is more common than one may think. About 214,000 pets diet each year due to poisoning. The daily household substances[…]

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Kennel Cough- Causes and treatment

If your dog is snorting or coughing or constantly making choking noises like they are suffocating on something, that may be a case of kennel cough. Although, another possibility is[…]

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Service Dogs- Breeds and training programs

Service animals are a blessing for differently-abled people. Those who suffer from- autism, depression, anxiety, and many more disorders- are provided therapy by dogs. Even petting animals have also proved[…]

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Siberian Husky

About Siberian Husky is a well known and loved breed by people all over the world. Their long fur with markings and a proud attitude has made them one of[…]

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