How you can have a convenient pet washing station

//How you can have a convenient pet washing station

How you can have a convenient pet washing station

No offense, but dogs can stink. After all, it’s only natural because you let them run around in the yard and roll around on the ground. Chances are, the same smell gets in your carpets, the car and any furniture that he lounges on.

All this means that you probably should wash your dog more often, but it’s rather a chore. Larger dogs especially are tough to get into bathtubs, and the whole thing can be quite an ordeal. However, you can make this dreaded chore easy with a handheld sprayer, dedicated tub or even an elevated sink.

Set up right, DIY home pet washing stations can be put to use for other purposes as well. So if you’re thinking about adding one, here are a few ideas to consider.

Make use of a handheld shower-head or sprayer. In addition to helping you get your dog’s entire body nice and clean, it will also let you carry out a pretty quick paw wash.

After being washed, dogs tend to shake off the water rather vigorously and get the entire surroundings wet. So prepare the floor and surfaces to stand up to the challenge – that of damaging drywall and floors. And the bigger the drain, the more convenient it is.

You can use an elevated dog bath for smaller pets. If your dog is willing and able to get into it easily, it’ll be easier on your back and knees. For smaller breeds, a large utility sink and a sprayer is all that you’ll need.

Always have drying towels handy. An overhead drying rack can be a convenient spot for laundry as well as drying dog towels. If you go for this system, be sure to remove your regular laundry before the big shakedown.

Does your pet (or you) have luxurious tastes? Nowadays dog-specific tubs sport features such as skid-proofing that prevent slips and slides and even jetted whirlpool systems.

Go outdoors. Pet parents are increasingly incorporating pet washing stations into outdoor showers. All you need is a handheld shower-head or sprayer that can reach down to the ground. Be sure to clean the muddy paws, so they do not muck up your tiles or rugs. Come to think of it, an additional lower handheld spray can also be useful for rinsing off your own feet before going indoors.

Put in place a clean path to your doorstep. Stones, concrete or gravel walkway will keep your dog from muddying up his paws on the way back from an outdoor wash. Of course, you should ensure that the dog does not break free and roll around in the yard.

Now that we’ve seen all that can be done, a home pet washing station isn’t looking so crazy. You can use them for other things such as cleaning gardening tools or sports gear and even little kids after a busy day at the park.

Or you can always opt for the more convenient way of heading out to a self-service dog wash station with state of the art iclean Dog Wash Machines.

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