Dog Health Care||Canine Oral Health Care

All Vets recommend you to brush your dog’s teeth every day if not once a week. They recommend this to avoid the buildup of bacteria and food particles that will cause other major complications like gum infections, plaque, tooth decay, cavities, and infections down the line. Brushing your dog’s teeth on a daily basis may seem like a far stretch when you yourself may find it hard to brush your teeth twice a day. Even though you may intend to do it, it will prove harder than it seems so we recommend you to brush their teeth once a week, preferably during or after dog wash in the automatic dog wash machine. Some dog wash machines are coming out with oral cleaning options as well so you can make full use of them when you take your dog out for a wash. Here as some other tips to make sure that you keep your dog’s teeth clean, shiny and smelling good.

Good Food

The buildup of plaque and bacteria happens when you feed your dog bad food like those that contain added sugar in them. To avoid such problems feed your dog healthy food. Apart from keeping them healthy overall, it will prevent them from developing any teeth related problems down the line. Good quality food that is healthy for them is generally those made with whole ingredients. Some foods may seem healthy but in reality, they are anything but healthy. To quickly identify such foods, look at their ingredients list and if you find ingredients like by-products, cereal grains, or meals – these are unhealthy for your dog. These foods stick to your dog’s teeth and cause complications over time. Foods that contain fruits, vegetables and whole meat are the healthiest options you can get your dog.

dog food
Fruits and Vegetable based Snacks

Snacks or treats, call it what you want, your dogs sure do love them and humans love giving it to them. But the problem with most readily available snacks in the pet store is that they are made using fats, sugar and cereal grains which are extremely bad for your dog’s oral health. On the flip side, there are some rare healthy treats made with natural ingredients like apple slices, carrot slices, chunks of pumpkin and squash. These treats are not just good for your dog’s teeth but can help clean them up as well. It is quite easy to get carried away and feed your dog lots of treats. We advise you to feed them snacks and treats that amounts to less than 10% of the total daily calorific intake to ensure that they aren’t overfed which can cause other serious problems.

Dental Chew Toys

There are some certified dental chew toys in the market which help in cleaning your dog’s teeth. This toy scrapes off plaque from their teeth and ensures that there is no build-up. This is not a replacement to brushing their teeth (even though the toy commercials may say otherwise). This can just supplement brushing their teeth to make their teeth that much cleaner.