Common Bath-Time Mistakes You Might Be Making as a Pet Owner

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Common Bath-Time Mistakes You Might Be Making as a Pet Owner

Dog wash is not as enjoyable for pets as bathing is for humans. Not only the water, but scrubbing and drying can stress out your dog. However, bathing them in a Dog Wash Machine is essential to keep them clean, control their shedding, and keep their coat healthy. 

Bathing your dog is undoubtedly a challenge, especially for breeds that are scared of a pet washing machine. But, there are some mistakes you might make that makes Dog wash more uncomfortable for your Fido. Let’s quickly discuss these aberrations. 

Inappropriate water temperature

Inappropriate water temperature could be one of the first factors that lead to an uncomfortable Dog wash. Humans have a higher tolerance for temperatures, but dogs don’t, and water that is too hot or cold can be uneasy for them on both mental and physical levels. Therefore, make sure your dog wash machine has lukewarm water. If you are not sure about what the ideal temperature for your dog is, sprinkle a few drops of it on your forearm; if it feels normal, you are good to go. 

Not protecting your pet’s ears and eyes

Water in the eyes and ears of your dog is not only uncomfortable but painful and dangerous as well. Water in your pooch’s years can lead to infections as well. To prevent water from getting into the eyes and ears of your dog, keep a damp cloth handy. Moreover, avoid cleaning too deep into the ear canal and avoid using earbuds. 

Using strong water pressure

Drawing a bath for your pet can lead to your bathroom getting entirely wet. You might be tempted to use a faucet or shower instead, but before you do so, make sure the water pressure of the shower is not too much for your dog. If you want, you can skip a faucet and use a cup to scoop water into your dog’s body. If you’re going to use a shower, put your hand by the opening to reduce the water pressure. 

Using the wrong products

Dogs have skins that are a lot different from humans, and using soaps or shampoos that are designed for humans could be the worst you can do to your pet’s skin and coat. Therefore, make sure you use special grooming products that are created exclusively for dogs. Moreover, some breeds have extra-sensitive skin, and soaps and shampoos for other breeds might not suit them. If you notice any type of irritation on your pooch’s skin, get in touch with your vet to try out a different product.

Wrapping it up

A pet washing machine can be a roller coaster ride for some dogs but a nightmare for others. If your dog has an aversion to a dog wash machine, make sure you take the necessary steps to make the dog wash experience more pleasant and comfortable. If you feel you cannot bath by yourself, you can take your Fido to dog wash centers as well.

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