Common Dog Parenting Mistakes

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Nothing can beat the excitement and fear one goes through before introducing a dog into his life. Initial days are the most crucial in terms of habituating oneself with the other. Also, at the same time, these days are filled with amusement and wiggles. However, dog parenting in itself can be a roller-costar ride. If you are too much concerned about whether or not you will be good at nurturing your furry friend, do not forget that nobody is a perfect parent. But you can always try not to leave room for mistakes while welcoming one into your family. So, calm down the butterflies in your belly and have a look at some common faults which dog parents are usually guilty of


The vaccinations and routine check-ups of your dog are as prominent as for human infants. It can prevent your canine companion from life-threatening diseases, for instance: rabies, parvovirus, distemper, leptospirosis, dog flu, and many more. If you think that your dog has not introduced to the outside world and stray dogs hence, cannot catch infections, you are mistaken. Dogs are too sensitive to Viruses and Infections, which can severely impact their health and immunity in the long run. Vaccinations not only ensure good immunity of a dog but can also keep risk at bay for humans to get infected by them. Therefore, never skip his Vaccination and going over to a vet periodically.

Dog parent


There is a lot of confusion among new parents how often they should wash their dogs. However, there is no particular period suggested by vets. Generally, a dog should bathe at least once in three months. Dog wash should be done whenever they are dirty or foul-smelling, keeping in mind the season and their health. However, in the summer, you can also let them bathe once a week. The timely wash of your dog will ensure a soft coat, healthy skin, and reduce shedding and fleas. It is also significant to consult a vet before selecting a shampoo for your canine for dog parent.



New pet owners are usually busy with cracking a formula for their pet’s diet, which is an impossible task, but of course, you need to pay close attention to it. So, ask your vet and plan a meal according to your dog’s age and health, keeping in check all the nutrition he needs for the overall development. He should not be excessively fed as it leads to lethargy and increases the risk of being overweight. Whereas, if your dog left hungry even after eating, it would hinder his overall growth. Dogs, if not appropriately fed, may eat something non-edible (like soft plastic or poop) that can harm them. So, make sure that your pooch is not malnourished and accordingly fed.


No Doubt!! Consistency leads to success, especially in the case of dogs. In this chaotic world, dogs are living souls who are always comfortable in a consistent routine. Be it eating, pooping, walking, playing, or even sleeping. Dogs always follow patterns and love to be in their zone. Therefore, the dog parent before introducing one into your home, make sure that you buckle yourself up to have a structured and stable routine so that it does not confuse your pup in a new environment.



It is understandable how difficult it is for you to adjust with your new pet but probably it is even harder for him to live up to your expectations. Surely, he needs time to learn things that you are trying to teach him and to adjust in your family just the way you want. Better be patient and be steady with your training and do not forget to praise him, even if slowly, he is coming on the track. Treat him whenever he follows your commands or perform well and also warn him at the first instance of making any blunder. This way you can ascertain that he has started differentiating between his acts according to your responses



Today’s world is of animal lovers especially dog lovers, and what can be better than owning one of them so that you can expect any-time cuddles whenever you are in need. But this head over heels love can spoil them in the future. In your hyperactive days, when you may not give your little ones, the attention they want or the time they need, it can lead them to severe anxiety issues or even depression. Over pampering can further lead to aggressive and intolerant behaviour. It is important to raise them in a way that they can live individually as well as socially. To strike a balance between these two is not a cakewalk but with time it is achievable.



Beware! Do not fall prey to those big innocent eyes and puppy faces they make to have the whole nine yards. Usually, the first time owners fail to set boundaries for their little pups that can give them a chance to dominate you. Dogs are very opportunistic about the position they can achieve to dominate you. So, at priority, you need to set boundaries for them. To offer those unnecessary treats or let them walk you, can make your dog dominating and, if it is the case, they can become extremely reluctant to your commands.


It is good to give your pet their own time and make their habit of living alone when you are at work but leaving them all alone for an unreasonably long time can traumatise them. Dogs are always more comfortable in a pack of dogs or humans, they cannot survive all alone. Socialisation for them is as important as for human beings hence; you must check up on your dog in short intervals or let other people do the job for you so that your pup has a happier time when you are not around.


Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

This is Wendy Hendriks From iClean Internationals Ltd. Life-long learner, committed to working hard at self directed learning environment.

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