||Safety tips for large breed owners||Large Dog Breeds: Safety Tips for Dog Owners

COVID-19 and Large Dog Breeds: Safety Tips for Dog Owners

Dog owners are of various types; some prefer small, lap dogs, some medium-sized, agile breeds, and some like large dog breeds that look mesmerizing and make them stand out of the crowd. But, with larger dogs come bigger responsibilities, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. While owning a Great Dane or a Leonberger can be a memorable experience, managing and maintaining them can be a hassle.

Here is a quick guide to the dog wash, grooming, and safety of large dog breeds during the COVID-19 pandemic

Why are large dog breeds at a higher risk?

Dogs need to be constantly exercised, groomed, and washed, and all of these activities can be difficult with large dog breeds. Small dog breeds like Pomeranian or French Bulldog can be exercised in a small area or even in an apartment. Larger breeds require a large area to play and exercise, forcing dog owners to take their dogs out for a walk.

The same goes for a dog wash. Small dogs can be easily bathed at a dog wash machine or tub in your bathroom, but large dogs need to be taken to professional pet washing machine providers. Smaller dogs are easy to control, and therefore, they are easy to groom and bathe, whereas larger breeds often require professional assistance.

Safety tips for large breed owners

Safety tips for large breed owners

Here are a few safety tips large dog breed owners should follow.

  •         Maintain distance when outdoors: When you take your dog out for a walk, make sure to keep a distance of at least six feet from other humans and animals. And the same distancing rules also apply for your dog. While dogs are not known to carry and spread the virus, the particles of the COVID-19-causing virus can stay on the fur of your dog and can affect other humans.
  •         Social distancing at pet washing machine: If you cannot bathe your dog in a dog wash machine at your home, you’ll need to take him to a professional dog wash center. Firstly, avoid bathing your dog until he starts stinking. If he stinks, take him to a pet washing machine that is following the required social distancing guidelines, such as online bookings, not more than three people in a store, etc.
  •         Become self-reliant: No matter how many precautions you take, you and your dog will still be at risk of getting infected. Therefore, it is best to be self-reliant and train your dog to stay indoors. If you don’t know how to wash your dog in your house, start learning step by step. As of now, no one knows when this COVID-19 pandemic will end. It may go away in a few weeks, or it may stay for a few months down the line. So, taking care of your dog’s requirements by yourself would be the best pick.


With the COVID-19 pandemic not seeming to calm down, large dog breed owners need to take the steps discussed above to ensure the safety of both themselves as well as their dogs.

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