COVID-19 Is Spreading in Cats; How Safe Are Other Pets?||COVID-19 Is Spreading in Cats; How Safe Are Other Pets?||||COVID-19 Is Spreading in Cats; How Safe Are Other Pets?

COVID-19 Is Spreading in Cats; How Safe Are Other Pets?

Back in mid-April, a 13-year old cat was admitted to the veterinary hospital as his chronic heart disease had worsened. While the doctors initially claimed the condition to be not alarming, the condition of the cat started deteriorating a few days later, with the X-rays showing blood clots in his lungs – COVID-19. 

A few days later, there was evidence claiming that COVID-19 infection in cats is possible, and it can result in critical implications for the spread of the virus. 

With the COVID-19 virus spreading rapidly in cats, do dog owners and dog wash machine owners need to worry? 

Animal to animal transmission

A research was conducted in which three infected cats were paired, each with virus-free cats. Within a week, all three virus-free cats tested positive. This raises concerns about animal-animal transmission and animal-human transmission because, after all, humans are animals, too. Moreover, such viruses have bounced between species before, making it probable for dogs.

The virus may also vary in terms of effects and severity, from species to species. For instance, the existing COVID-19 is deadly in humans but almost asymptomatic in cats. Similarly, other coronaviruses have known to be deadly in chimpanzees, but they only gave mild cold symptoms in humans. Thus, although cats are not getting significantly affected by the COVID-19 virus, it is too early to tell how the virus will affect the dogs once they start getting infected. 

What should dog owners do?

While the news of animals getting infected may lead to a panic among dog owners, the key is to stay calm and take the necessary precautions. Most of the dog owners might already be taking these precautions, so all they need to do is be a bit more cautious. Here’s what you can do to save your dogs from getting infected from COVID-19. 

  • Dog Wash: Regular dog wash is essential, especially if you take them out. While it is not essential to give them a full-fledged bath, make sure to clean their coat thoroughly with dog shampoo to get rid of any virus particles that could have made their way to your dog’s fur. 
  • Distancing: An even better way to keep your dogs safe is to avoid taking them out until the COVID-19 situation calms down. Since no evident treatment or vaccine for the disease has been found, being precautions is the most effective way to stay safe. 
  • Be careful at pet washing machine centers: If you take your dogs to dog wash machine centers, make sure to check if the provider is following the necessary safety and social distancing guidelines. 


The latest research suggests that cats are getting infected from the COVID-19. It is alarming news for cat owners, but dog owners are also in a state of panic. While it is a matter of concern for all pet owners, taking some safety measures in the home, outside, and at pet washing machine stores, can go a long way in saving your pet from getting in contact with the COVID-19 causing virus.

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