Crazy Behaviors Of Dogs And Tips To Tackle Them

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You should have noticed that some dogs behave differently than others. We can trace many bizarre dog habits to the fear that took root in the first months of puppy life.

Puppies who do not have enough experience with humans, other animals, and places learn strange fears.

How can you break free from offensive behavior? In many cases, reward-based strategies help dogs learn their deepest fears and work. But from time to time, the medicines are organized.

Sleep Runner


There are many popular videos of dogs jumping in their sleep, starting to run, hitting the wall.

In normal animals, brain function during sleep is similar to that of alertness, alertness. The only difference is that significant muscle movements, in the legs, for example, are restricted.

In REM sleep disorders, brain signals reach large muscles to allow the animal to achieve its dreams.

Some medications can help control the condition.

Fear of Thunder

Fear of thunder is a common fear of a canine, but pay attention to ensure it doesn’t grow into a phobia.

Symptoms of phobia include slow walking, tremors, and saliva dripping. In addition, some dogs hurry and try to escape. There are cases of dogs injuring themselves by slamming doors or glass windows.

Suppose your child begins to pretend to see a poltergeist whenever there is a storm. In that case, intervention may be a good idea. First, try playing a CD of thunder in a low voice while playing with him as you give him control. After that, raise the volume on the CD slightly, and only when it is relaxed – or treatment may return. The idea of ​​making him combine thunder and good times.

Poop Snack

Does your dog like to eat feces? He’s not crazy, He’s normal. Dogs emerged as guardians, and feces contained protein.

A rare dog has never tasted poop, just as some people never appreciate the taste of caviar. So when your dog opens its nose in a trash can, imagine yourself lucky.

Don’t like being touched.

Some dogs have a preference for something – like touching their feet or nails. If this sounds like your little animal, you can fix the problem by training him to love the things he hates.

Start by pairing yourself to manage yourself. Obstacles may work, but they do not solve the underlying fear.

Going round and round

Have you ever seen dogs on YouTube suddenly wandering around in circles? Their owners may think it’s funny because their dog doesn’t do it many hours at a time – yet.

There is a danger of allowing such behavior to go unchecked. It can be bad – sometimes after a traumatic event – and the dog can get to a point where he can’t stand.

Some dogs forcibly throw up for food and may even need to be improved.



If your dog destroys a house every 4 July, he may be afraid of explosives in the area. Please do not raise her concerns by scolding or punishing her.

Instead, grab an audio CD and play the sound of explosives at low volume. Play with him and give him control as you do. After that, slightly increase the volume to match the loud and pleasant sound.

That will work for some dogs, while others will need anti-anxiety medication.

Separation Anxiety

Complaining, incessant barking as you walk – what’s wrong with that dog? It can be a concern for separation, and your neighbors will thank you when you start a behavioral change.

Like humans, dogs need to learn to control their emotions. For example, dogs have to lie down quietly for the owner to return.

Owners must be educated as well. Arguing about your coming and going strengthens the dog’s anxiety system. Instead, stay calm, and reward your dog if he does too.

Dog Hater

Does your dog love people but hate other dogs? This behavior is expected in pets who have not had enough experience with other dogs during critical contact with humans – three weeks to three months old.

A dog raised in a unique human enclosure may view other dogs as strangers.

Shadow Chaser

It might seem funny to watch your dog chase light and shadow patterns on the wall. However, he can get attention if he gets a good response.

If you can easily interrupt him in the game, that would be fine. But suppose you tend to be unduly promiscuous, and the pursuit of dignity is not a secret. If so, the dog may be out of control.

Mirror Love

Does your dog bark when he thinks? Or does he not pay attention when you tell him something to do?

That is normal. Think of it – a stray, odorless dog from the house is probably as scary as seeing a ghost. However, many dogs eventually learn to ignore the specter.

Has your old dog started ringing your calls? Can’t greet you at the door? Do you have water accidents in the house?

They can have canine mental retardation, similar to fatigue in humans. Special antioxidant-fortified dog diets or antioxidant capsules can slow down the process. If all else fails, your veterinarian may prescribe a prescription.

Sucking at Night

Can your dog not control himself by sucking too much of his thigh or coat at bedtime? There’s a name for that: Sucking Flank. It is often seen in Dobermans.

Owners often do not care, but this behavior should not be encouraged. Dogs that suck bedding can swallow large pieces of clothing that need to be removed surgically.

You may laugh when you see your dog barking at the fire extinguisher. 

However, suppose this horrible behavior is left unresolved. In that case, it can continue to worsen – and bleed into other aspects of dog life.

Dance Leader

The ancient method of training taught owners how to lead by beating dogs around. If you can walk in ways that make your symptoms clear, your dog will understand what you want or expect from him. Overall, he will be able to predict and be more honest in his eyes. That makes the dog better organized.


The adage “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” has no basis. The difference between training an older dog compared to a younger one is actually in human behavior.

Suppose the owner has been with the dog for a long time. In that case, he may have developed habits that contribute to the dog’s unwanted behavior. A dog can learn a new way of behaving, but if its owner does not get along, the dog may not develop.

Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

This is Wendy Hendriks From iClean Internationals Ltd. Life-long learner, committed to working hard at self directed learning environment.

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