Dental Hygiene for dogs

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If someone asks what makes a dog look charming and terrifying at the same time? My answer will be its teeth. If you notice the dog behavior, you will see a smile on their face when you pamper them. And that smile is heart-melting when their white, tiny teeth shine beneath their lips. But those white teeth are bat crap terrifying when a dog is grinding them while looking at you. Teeth are an important feature of a dog’s face but also a crucial organ. If a pet experiences an oral problem, it disturbs their whole-body health. Without dental Hygiene, a dog will not be able to eat healthy food, which affects the nutrition of the body. Then there is an additional risk of dental diseases too.

Dental Hygiene is as important as eating. To maintain all health, you must prepare a dental hygiene regime for your dog. Many breeds are prone to oral disease due to their teeth structure and eating habits. It becomes even more crucial for chihuahuas, pugs, dachshunds, boxers, great Danes, and other such breeds to have their teeth taken of care. Bad breath is not the only result of poor dental hygiene; it can cause several health issues. Let us look at a few of such dental diseases and their symptoms.

Dental Hygiene

Dental diseases

Knowledge can help one curb any possible problem. Information about possible dental diseases will help you take precautions and be mindful of when is the time to see a vet.

  •  Periodontal disease- It is a painful infection between teeth and gums. It can lead to your dog losing the infected tooth. The infection can possibly spread to the rest of the body. Signs of periodontal disease are loose teeth, bad breath, tooth pain, sneezing, and nasal discharge.
  •  Gingivitis- The collection of plaque and tartar inflame the gums; it is called Gingivitis. The Bad bacteria accumulate above and below the gum line to cause swelling of gums. Look out for signs like bleeding, red, swollen gums, and bad breath. Regular teeth cleanings can treat it.
  •  Halitosis-It is the medical name for bad breath. In most cases, bad breath is the first sign of an oral problem. Bacteria growing from food particles caught between the teeth are the reason for bad breath. Gum infection can cause bad breath too. Regular brushing of teeth is the best solution.
  •  Proliferating gum disease– The gum growing over the teeth causes Proliferating gum disease. It can be painful and needs treatment, otherwise, lead to infection too. It is a common problem in terriers and boxers. Antibiotics can treat overgrown gum easily.
  •  Mouth tumors- you can guess by the name the severity of the disease. Tumors appear as lumps in the gums; some tumors are malignant. Surgical treatment can remove a tumor.
  • Distemper teeth- If a puppy had distemper at a young age, it leads to distemper teeth in adulthood. Such teeth are prone to infection and decay. Distemper teeth can appear looking eroded and can often decay. The damage is permanent and decayed teeth should be removed by a vet.

Bad breath

Bad breath is not a deadly disease, but it is also not just a cosmetic problem. Bad breath means- Bad bacteria are growing inside of the dog mouth. The bacteria can cause oral infections, which are very discomforting for dogs as they can not even speak to express their pain. The bacteria can even cause gut health problems. Bad breath should be treated as a real problem and not just associated with the animal as something natural. A little effort from the owner’s side can permanently solve this problem and give the dog a perfect minty-fresh breath.

Teeth Cleaning tips and solution

Following are some ways of cleaning dog teeth-

Dental treats

Dental treats work like flintstones shaped vitamin tablets work for kids. They are cleaning solution disguised as a treat. Use your dog’s love for treats to take care of its dental Hygiene. These treats work in such a way that they remove plaque build-up. The ingredients in dental treats freshen the dog’s breath and clean its mouth too. Dogs don’t even realize that they have cleaned their teeth while enjoying a treat. Dental treats work better than toothbrushes or wipes because of their appearance and taste. Dogs love them because the treats come in a variety of shape sizes and colors. You will be able to find one that suits your pet.


If you adopted a dog for cute dog stuff, wait till you see dog brushes. It might sound too human for some owners, but dental hygiene is best-maintained by regular brushing. It is the best way to prevent plaque and tartar build-up. Unlike humans, dogs don’t need to brush their teeth daily. They are not a fan of the idea of someone brushing their teeth. Dogs can be very conservative about their mouth, and it may take some training to familiarise your pet with teeth brushing. For brushing your pet, you will need a toothbrush (obviously) and toothpaste (obviously). Both items should come from the dog category and not the human. Dogs get toothpaste with interesting flavors like chicken or peanut butter. 

Tooth wipes

If you think a toothbrush is too much hassle for your pet, tooth wipes are a great option. They have to be rubbed against their teeth and the surface of the teeth. The wipes can clean the bacteria and plaque, but they can’t reach in the corners of the mouth or space between teeth, so the cleaning is not as effective as a toothbrush. But sometimes a toothbrush with paste on it can be hard to manage with dogs, so tooth wipes work as an alternative.

Pro help

The veterinarian help can never cause harm. If you have any doubts about the other solutions, or you don’t want to stick your fingers inside a dog mouth, the veterinarian is your guy. Let your vet perform a thorough dental check-up and cleaning- the other methods are just do-it-yourself alternatives. Professional dental cleaning is the best dental care. Your veterinarian is trained to prevent, locate, and treat any issues that might go unnoticed by you. If you want to adopt a dental health regime, it is better to have a vet conduct a dental exam first and advise you accordingly.


Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

This is Wendy Hendriks From iClean Internationals Ltd. Life-long learner, committed to working hard at self directed learning environment.

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