Do Pet Dogs Boost Your Work Productivity?

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How do pets influence our health and mood? Current research intimates that they provide happiness to their owners. Therefore, in today’s world, a dog in the office is resourceful. Scientists have proven that this has a positive impact on the working atmosphere and health of employees. The idea of accompanying pets to work and thus making dog-friendly offices brings them closer to the best animal treatment practices in the advanced world.

Pet Dogs At Work

Keeping pets around you, be it in the office or somewhere else, gives a positive vibe and often acts as a stress buster. The ability to come to the office with a pet is considered to be one of the perks.

Following are five steps to determine if your company is ready to accept pets at work:

  • Check whether the office building and the specifics of production permit dog inside.
  • Ensure the working structure, i.e., the intensity of work, corporate dress code rules, and the ability to be alone for necessary negotiations or perform an extremely responsible task requiring maximum concentration, permit you to have your four-legged companion in the office.
  • Take into account the reaction of your colleagues with this proposal.
  • Before bringing your dog to work, ensure he is in good health and non-aggressive.
  • Form a personal restroom for your companion with a place for relaxing, getting a snack, and having some fun with toys.

Scientists believe that the presence of dogs at work deepens the bonding with your colleagues and enhances your work performance. Dogs act as a source of motivation at work. They painfully endure the loneliness of being cooped up at home. Like us, they also seek companionship. Every dog parent is acquainted with the difficulty of closing the door in their face while they leave for work. Don’t their sad eyes haunt you for the rest of the day? On the contrary, all the dog owners who go to work with their little friends have the privilege to enjoy the sheer joy. So, how is the working performance of the employees affected?

Employees who accompanied their dogs to work had significantly lower levels of anxiety during the working day. Additionally, dogs had a positive impact on the performance of everyone around them. Accompanying dogs at work even brought regular tussles at ease. Colleagues who were on bad terms before started communicating with each other and even felt connected. Does not it do a miracle to you?. Pets became a trending topic for conversation, and employees became more interactive as a result.

Dogs contributed to the amalgamation of workers of different ages, especially with the generation of millennials.

  • Encouraging pets at work made them a part of corporate culture and attracted a high-quality workforce to the enterprise.
  • The perk of having four-legged fur coats in the offices also subsides the absentee number and brings diligence. It boosts the concentration level of your workers, and thus the work efficiency also gets better. It is primarily because workers will no longer have to be apprehensive about their pets as they will be in front of them. Simply patting the dog for some time helps the employee to release serotonin and dopamine.
  • Additionally, the mere glimpse of their pets walking around during the working hours gives them sheer joy. The motivation that they get from this helps them to release their workload. It increases creativity and productivity.
  • Encouraging dogs at work also solves the problem of homeless animals. Those who desire to adopt dogs, but because of their busy schedule, can not do so, will now get the opportunity to have a little friend by their side.
  • Added to allowing pets to work, some enterprises render special beds and feeders for them. They even pay for the time that owners dedicate to their pets during the working day, as this further motivates the worker to adopt pets, ultimately enhancing work efficiency.

Planning to Adopt A Dog? 

For many dogs, switching to the old, “pre-quarantine” lifestyle can be burdensome: over the past six months, they have had to change it several times. So, are you having a dilemma regarding the adoption of a dog? Here are a few parameters that will aid you in sticking to your decision;

  1.  Only those who have previously been accustomed to a large team and change of environment. 
  2. Only if the dog parent is able to arrange space for the dog, the order of walking, and defend the dog from the constant attention of employees.
  3.  If you plan to accompany your dog with you to the office, it should be done in baby steps. Keep in mind all the necessities of the dog, ensure there is no overfeeding. This will hamper the balance of nutrition. You also need to have time to monitor the stress of your little friend and be able to get rid of the office on time, interrupting the working day.


Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

This is Wendy Hendriks From iClean Internationals Ltd. Life-long learner, committed to working hard at self directed learning environment.

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