Do You Know How To Handle Your Pet When You Are Suffering From Leg Injury?

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All kinds of injuries become burdensome in some way or the other. Being a pet parent, if you hurt your leg badly, it will be a mess for both you and your pup. It could be incredibly challenging if you used to take your friend out for walks. However, this is not the only challenge that will come across your path.

Your inability to walk or stand by yourself for an extended period can hinder you from doing daily chores like reaching for a higher shelf or climbing the stairs. So, in this hard time, you may ponder about your dog’s well-being.

This article will assist you through the process and make your hard time not that hard for you. Additionally, we are here to help you find some tips, including hiring help, using exclusively composed leashes, or buying dog-friendly toys that will make your dog have fun without going out. 


Hire a Professional Guide

If you are suffering from severe damage for a prolonged period, hiring a professional guide or trainer for your dog is the ideal solution for you. Go for a local trainer specializing in instructing the “Mobility Assistance Dogs.” A skilled trainer takes hardly 4-6 weeks to teach your dog the primary things. The process will be much faster if your dog is acquainted with the commands like come, down, stand, heel. Having a properly trained dog is a blessing as most of your activities can be performed by him, like going up the stairs or bringing you something you point. 

No US law refrains you from training your dog for personal assistance. So if you think you are capable of training your dog, we advise you to go ahead with the training process single-handedly and save the money for yourself. Following are a few dog training tips that will help you in training your dog. 

Borrow a Wheelchair

After injuring your leg, one of the biggest problems you will have to deal with is taking out your dog for strolls. Lest your dog is not trained properly, it will be difficult for you to walk him while using crutches.

Suppose you are walking with your dog, and suddenly, he sees something that draws his attention and strikes the end of the leash while going after the object. It can let you lose your balance, and you may end up falling. Letting go off the leash can lead to dangerous situations where you can severely injure yourself, and as a result, your dog can run away. 

If the recovery time is extensive, it will be wise to rent a wheelchair. The average cost of hire lies between $8-$15 per day; however, if you want to hire it for a longer time, you can get a multi-day discount. This discount will help you to get the deals from your day two of hiring, with more discounts as the duration expands.

Buy a Bungee Hands-Free Leash

If you believe your injury is not that severe and can maintain balance, you can opt for a hands-free leash. These leashes are solely fabricated for runners, but you can also use them to have free hands for crutches. 

This leash is a shock absorber, and if you move, it will create a cushion. If the dog pulls abruptly, there will be a stretch in your Bungee leash, and it will pull the dog back to you.

If you pet a lightweight pup, you can keep the leash handy as it will not make you fall even in the worst case. However, in case your dog is bigger and stronger, you should think otherwise. 

Hire a Pet Sitter

Is your injury preventing you from taking care of your dog? Then, you can consider hiring pet sitting help for that purpose. They will nurture your pet, feed him, wash him, take him to the vet, and much more. 

A significant disadvantage of it is that you will probably have to pay a considerable amount of money to hire a professional. However, you can always seek neighborhood kids or grandchildren who are not looking for more cash. Of course, the entire process will depend on how your dog behaves. If it still requires training and lacks discipline, opt for a professional one. 

Dog-friendly Toys

If your dog enjoyed all the long walks you guys had before the mishap, you could now go for dog-friendly toys such as iFetch. It is an automatic ball launcher your pup can use by himself. The iFetch original is operated by an AC Adapter or six batteries; once powered up, you can choose the distance that best fits your space. There are three distance settings in iFetch; 10, 20, or 30 feet. Your dog has only to drop the ball into the top. Then, the machine launches it for your pup to hunt and assemble. 

Ask Near Ones For Help

At last, if there is anyone nearby, seek them for help when you do not have any other option. Of course, you can always ask your loved ones to drop by and take care of your furry companion when you do not feel well. Or you can take him to theirs and ask them to take your pup for a few days so that you can focus on your recovery. Just make them aware of the things that your dog needs. It will help both the involved parties to stay safe. 

Final Thought

To cap it all, injuring your leg is not that apocalyptic. Several alternatives will make your life easier. However, in this process, never neglect your health. To take your pet out for strolls, do not overlook your leg injury and the pain you are going through. 

It will hardly change anything if your pet has to stay cooped up in the house for a week while you recuperate from the injury. However, ignoring the severity of your injury can lead to severe infections over time that can be detrimental to you for the long term. Health is the only thing that comes first!

Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

This is Wendy Hendriks From iClean Internationals Ltd. Life-long learner, committed to working hard at self directed learning environment.

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