Dog breeds and their common health problems

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The more the breeds the more health issues. A dog can be diagnosed with many diseases throughout its life, infections, disorders, tumors, but some breeds are more vulnerable to some particular problems.

Siberian Husky- Autoimmune Disorders

Siberian Huskies are exposed to a variety of autoimmune disorders. These disorders affect their skin and cause sores and hair loss. The face is the most affected area. One of the immune disorders affects both the skin and the eyes both. Generally, it can result in eye problems like glaucoma and cataracts. The usual treatment for these autoimmune disorders is corticosteroids that inhibit the immune system. Although in some cases the vet may use an immunosuppressant such as cyclosporine for the treatment.


Bulldog- Respiratory Problems

Breathing problems are common in dogs with smashed-in faces. They look adorable but they have some issues related to them, too. Bulldogs are likely to suffer from breathing problems, the reason being your bulldog’s small nostrils, elongated soft palate, and a narrow trachea. These are probably the reasons behind it snoring also. The issue is not only limited to snoring but can lead to a life-threatening emergency if the dog gets overheated or overtired. Hence, it is important to keep bulldogs cool in the summer and monitor the physical activity to no overdo it.

Pugs and eye issues

Pugs are at risk for eye problems because of their squashed faces and bulgy eyes. The worst but possible thing that can happen to a pug is an eye-popping out of its socket. If a pug gets into an accident or in a fight with another dog, it can happen. If this happens to your pug, firstly cover the eye with a damp cloth and then rush your pug to the vet immediately. The vet will probably be able to put the eye back in the socket but the vision retention is not guaranteed and depends upon the severity of the damage.

German Shepherd- Hip Dysplasia

Not only German shepherds but large breeds are generally prone to hip dysplasia. The condition where the joint’s ball and socket do not fit together properly is called Hip Dysplasia. It causes terrible pain, arthritis, and problems walking. German shepherd may inherit hip dysplasia from the parents so when adopting a puppy, ask the breeder if its parents have hip dysplasia.

Labrador Retriever and Obesity

Obesity is the biggest threat to dogs all over the world. It is almost like a pandemic in the dog world and the adorable Labradors are especially prone to it. Alike humans, obesity has a list of health problems attached to it. Labrador retrievers need vigorous daily exercise. If you have a lab you can not ignore its need for physical activity. Generally, labs are constantly begging for more food with their puppy eyes, if so, try to give them raw carrots, green beans, or apples as a snack. Obesity prevention is way easier than weight loss. Consult with your vet for a suitable diet plan that’s right for your lab.


Beagles have epilepsy

Epilepsy is a brain disorder that primarily causes seizures. This condition is common in beagles than in other dog breeds. Epileptic beagles mostly have their first seizure when they are about 6 months to 3 years old. Epilepsy yet does not have a cure, but if your beagles get frequent seizures, those can usually be managed by giving anti-seizure medication prescribed by the vet.

Shih Tzu- Kneecaps problems

Wobbly kneecaps are very common among toy breeds like Shih Tzus. The condition is called patellar luxation. The kneecaps, in this condition, suddenly pops out of place. That makes the dog hobble, skip a step, or limp occasionally. The kneecap, although, will pop back into position on its own in most cases. But in severe conditions, the treatment to correct this problem is surgery.

Boxer: Cancer

Cancer does not have a rigid cause or trail of reason, but boxers are at higher risk for developing some types of cancer, like lymphoma and mast cell tumors. Lymphoma is known as the cancer of the lymph nodes, and it involves white blood cells known as lymphocytes. On the other hand, mast cell tumors are a type of skin cancer that includes varied forms and also involve internal organs. The Cancer is initially felt as an unusual lump or bump on your dog’s body in both cases. These cancers have a chance to be treatable if caught at an early stage.

Dachshunds are prone to back problems.

Since dachshunds have long bodies, it puts them at higher risk for back injuries and spinal disk problems as well. The best you can do to keep your dachshund healthy and safe is to help it maintain a healthy weight. Excess weight is likely to put a strain on the back, which may cause injury.

Cocker Spaniel- Infections in ears

Cocker spaniels have prominent floppy, furry ears, and those pretty ears can get ear infections easily. That is true for most big-ear dogs. The best way to prevent ear infections is regular grooming and intensive ear care. You must clean your dog’s ears every couple of weeks. Also, flip those ears back and let them breathe once in a while. Trim the hair growing on the underside of the ears with clippers carefully as a part of grooming. It helps keep the ear canals dry and clean.

Golden Retriever- Skin Allergies

When humans are allergic to something, they usually sneeze. In the dog’s case, it is licking. If you see your golden frequently licking its body, there may be a problem. Dogs get itchy skin when they are allergic to something, hence the licking. The compulsive licking, scratching, and chewing behavior can lead to hot spots or red, oozing sores. If so, consult your vet before applying something to its body. The vet may advise you to give your dog baths with oatmeal shampoo, as it will soothe the itching.


Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

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