Tips for taking care of your dog in the coming summer

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Tips for taking care of your dog in the coming summer

Dog care Summer is the time when days get longer, and temperatures get higher. Even though we love summertime, most furry animals get exhausted with the rise in humidity and heat. At this time, your routine dog  care will not suffice. You need to make a little more effort into keeping your dog safe and healthy during this summer.

Control the Temperature

The first step is to control the temperature. There are numerous equipment and appliances in the market, specially designed for keeping your dog cool. If you are looking for a simpler method, anything starting from a wet towel to an air-conditioned room would be a perfect remedy. You need to have a daily dog wash. Indeed, bathing a dog is not a simple task but, it is essential to keep your dog cool. For your convenience, you can use a pet washing machine.

Control the Food

In summer, giving your dog wash daily through a dog wash machine is a good idea, but not enough. You need your dog to be cool from the inside. Summer heat can upset their digestive system and thus, it is best to keep them cool. Here are some of the top items to try for your dog during the summer. These are not necessities but can help you in great strides.

  • Frozen beef or chicken broth
  • Yogurt
  • Watermelon
  • Sweet potatoes

Control Fleas & Ticks

Many dog owners don’t know that fleas and ticks thrive in warm conditions. Thus, you have to be hyper-vigilant to control these parasites. There are many flea and tick shampoos available in the market that you can use. Unless your dog needs a medicated shampoo, you can pick anything off the market, which you feel would do the justice for your pet. Most of the top branded shampoos are pet washing machine friendly, and you can use then in your dog wash machine.

Control Hydration

In summer, just like us, our pets get dehydrated quickly. The dog wash or the pet washing machine cannot rehydrate them completely. What’s lost inside the body in terms of electrolytes and water has to be re given to the dog. Thus, you have to provide lots of drinks for him for hydration. Water would be the base drink, but many owners have mentioned that they give beer, lemonade, fruit juice and milk to their pets.

Regular Bath

Germs, bacteria, and other microorganisms thrive in warm, especially when you sweat a lot. Dogs with thick coats tend to retain the sweat in their coat making it a breeding spot for their germs. Dog wash centers might advertise many new brands of shampoos or lotions to keep your dog clean but, the only remedy that always works is giving your dog a good warm bath and drying them thoroughly. If possible, cut off their coat as short as possible. If you find it hard to wash your dog frequently, you can always buy the dog wash machine.

Summer is the time when dogs get very active, and the best way to make them happy is to play with them. A pet washing machine is just for his sanitation and health and not for his happiness. Happiness can come only from the owner. Do not fear the dust and dirt while he plays. After all, that is why you have your dog wash machine.

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