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Dog Care Tips For Summer

Summer can be a cruel time for your dogs if they are not cared for well. The most basic thing that you must do is ensure that they are hydrated well and are served food that is not older than a day as food can go bad quite fast during the summer season dog care tips.

The scorching heat that summer brings can take an immense toll not just on us humans but our pets as well. If you own a dog or are taking care of a street dog then make it a point to provide them access to fresh and clean drinking water. This will make sure that they are well hydrated throughout the day. Unlike humans, dogs cannot sweat. They have to rely on panting to release excess body heat. Panting is not a very efficient method to lose excess body heat so it is our responsibility to ensure that they remain cool all throughout the day, especially during the afternoons when the sun is directly overhead. Here are some other additional dog care tips to make sure that your dogs remain safe and comfortable all through this scorching summer season.

Indoors During The Day – Dog Care Tips

Avoid taking your dogs out on walks during the day when the sun is at its brightest. Restrict their walks and other outdoor activities to early mornings or evenings. This is a must for all dogs as they are extremely sensitive to heat and can fall ill quite easily if they are exposed to the severe heat. If they are made to walk on hot concrete streets and walkways, they will develop cracks on their paws. This can even happen during the evenings as these surfaces heat up all throughout the day and take a while to cool down.

To minimize the risk, you must always make it a point to check your dog’s paws regularly for bruises, discolorations, and burns. We recommend you apply dog paw cream regularly. If this is not making much difference to the state of their paws then you may have to take them to your Vet who may suggest you get dog socks. This will create a physical barrier between their paws and the hot concrete surface. Your dogs may initially find them uncomfortable but gradually, over time, they will get accustomed to it.

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Avoid taking your dogs on long drives during the peak summer. The heat during the peak of summer is too intense for them to handle. Leaving your dog in the car unattended is a big no. They can easily overheat and get unconscious.


Regular dog wash during the summer season is a must. With the availability of automatic pet washing machines all across major cities, this task is no more a chore that you have to loathe. These dog wash machines are very advanced and make little work of this otherwise massive chore. If you have decided to wash your dog at home in your bathtub then after washing your dog, you’ll have to clean up the mess that they leave behind along with the hideous smell that will plague your bathroom for days on end even after washing the bathroom clean. These machines take all these problems away and facilitate an organized way to wash your dog.

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