dog drying||Drying Tips After Wash

Dog Drying Tips After Wash

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You have shampooed and scrub down your dog and now its time to get your furry friend back to their fluffy self.  To do so you will need to dry them. Did you know, there is an art to drying your dog? For instance, dogs that have a thick double coat can develop nasty infections under their fur near their skin if they remain damp for long periods of time so it is essential to dry them well after washing them.

Here are some pros and cons of the four most popular ways of drying your dog,


Using a thick bath towel to dry your dog is a tried and tested way of ridding their fur from excessive moisture. Many people don’t have the proper knowledge on how a towel must be used and thus use them improperly. These people rub their dog’s fur coat vigorously. If the dog getting dried has a long coat, this kind of drying may result in matting and knots in their fur. The correct way to dry a dog with a towel is to press them against the dog’s fur coat until the towel wicks up moisture. Repeat the process until they are sufficiently dry. You may need multiple bath towels to dry them well in this manner as the towels will quickly get sodden. To avoid using multiple towels you can purchase the absorber towel which can be squeezed and used multiple times to get them adequately dry.

Quick-Drying Spray

These are sprays contain products that encourage moisture to quickly wick away from the fur coat of your dog. In theory, these reduce the drying time of your dogs considerably. A considerable number of users of this product have claimed that there was little or no difference to the drying time when they used this product. If you do decide to implement this product to speed up the drying process of your dog then we recommend you to experiment with different quantities of the product to determine the ideal quantity need to help your dog dry up adequately.

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Hair Dryer

Using a hair dryer can significantly reduce the drying time of your dog. There is a risk of burning your dog if not done properly. Special air dryers are installed on pet washing machines. These Dog Wash Machines have a carefully calibrated heat and air combination to make it as pleasant as possible for your dog after Dog wash. Here are some tips to follow if you want to dry your dog with a hair hairdryer,

  • Keep the hair dryer at its lowest setting and under no circumstance should you bump it up.
  • Maintain a couple of inches of distance from your dog’s fur.
  • Keep moving the nozzle around to spread the heat evenly. Concentrating it just on specific spots can burn their sensitive skin under the fur.

When you first introduce this process of drying them with a hairdryer, do it gradually so as to make sure they get accustomed to the sound from the hair dryer and the sensation of having hot air blown over their fur. Inevitably there will be some dogs who will never accept this and will put up a spirited fight every time you try to use this on them to avoid it. You are better off not using this method on such dogs.

Air Drying

If you own a dog with a short fur coat, you don’t need to worry a lot about them as far as drying is concerned. A hard shake and running around the house are generally all that is needed for them to dry themselves up. The downside to this method is that, due to the presence of moisture for extended periods of time, they will start smelling in a few days as opposed to those that have been dried with other methods. Letting them outdoors to dry is not recommended as well because they may roll around in the mud and grass ruining all your hard work of getting them clean. Air drying of long coat dogs must be avoided at all cost.


Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

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