Dog exercise

Obesity is one of the rising concerns amongst pet dogs. Exercising and maintaining a fit body is as important for dogs as it is for human beings. Our canine companions need to maintain healthy body weight to avoid obesity and other health issues that come along. Dogs suffer from laziness, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, and other health concerns in lack of proper physical exercise.


In today’s time, COVID-19 has risked the normal working of the entire world pre-pandemic. In such times, taking your pet dog for a walk or some other physical exercise outside can be exposing yourself to the contagion. Hence, we need to look for some ways to ensure the fitness of our dogs while at home.

Here we bring you certain exercises to maintain your dog’s fitness indoors.

Dog exercise

Treadmill for the use

Like us, our pet dogs can also use a treadmill for a brisk exercise session. You can put your dog on the treadmill at the slowest speed possible. This will help the dog get comfortable. Give treats as bribes so that they continue doing it as you desire. Standing near them or using the leash can assist you in the process. Gradually increase the speed as and when your pet gets comfortable while walking on the treadmill.

Running the stairs

Running up and down the stairs can always help you bolster your dog’s fitness indoors. This exercise strengthens its muscles and joints. You can make it a little fun by involving yourself in it. Throw a ball down the stairs and ask your dog to go and fetch it. Repeat the same again and again as per your requirements. And you are done with a session for dog’s fitness indoors.


A little treasure hunt, maybe

Challenges that give you sweet rewards are always welcomed. The same applies to your animal friend. Hiding certain treats in various nooks and corners of your house can challenge your dog to find them. This boosts the mental activity of your pet along with involving them in some physical exercise. Reward them with things they like after they finish their laborious task.

Obstacles in the way

Obstacles can often prove to be good when used in the right setting. Building a little track equipped with the right amount of obstacles can tire your dog physically and hence aid in maintaining the dog’s fitness indoors. Tape various doors and entrances for them to either jump over or crawl.


Bubbles for the help

Soap bubbles are fascinating for all; children, adults, or dogs for that matter. Dogs love popping the soap bubbles and you can make the best use of this habit of them. Blow soap bubbles around your pet dog until they get tired of jumping and popping them.  Make sure that the bubbles don’t hurt your pet’s eyes. You can override this possibility by making bubbles using glycerin and water.


A decent tug of war

Dogs like wrestling and playing with their owners. A decent tug of war can also help you maintain your pet dog’s fitness indoors. You have to be careful about the strength you put in the game. Small dogs need to be played with little care and less strength. Be observant of your dog’s behavior regarding the game. The game can also awake the predating instinct of your dog and might ruin the relationship you share.


A good exercise while staying at home is of great help in maintaining your dog’s fitness indoors. So take help from the ones mentioned above and make an exercise routine for your pet’s health.

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