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Dog First Aid Tips That Owners Must Know

Owning a dog is no easy task as you will be solely responsible for them. You must know everything about dog first aid as well there is to know about taking care of a dog before you decide to bring one home. You may sometimes need telepathic powers to understand what they are trying to communicate as most of us don’t speak dog. Among all the other things there are certain first aid tips that you must be familiar with as well. In an emergency when time is of the essence you will need to put some of this knowledge into action. In this article, we have outlined a few tips that you must know to be able to medicate your dog when they need it most .

Disclaimer – You must always consult your Vet before you decide to medicate them yourself.

Dog First Aid is a temporary relief provided

Dog First aid is a temporary relief provided until professional medical help arrives. This is what we have been taught growing up. First aid applies to both humans as well as pets. So it is always a good idea to keep a first aid kit handy for when your dog falls sick or starts having a seizure.

To provide a good dog first aid treatment, you will need a fully equipped first aid kit which includes essentials like adhesive tape, gauze, non-stick bandages, hydrogen peroxide, a digital thermometer and a leash among a host of other things.

Pet health care

There is no debating the fact that you must immediately call for professional help as and when you notice something wrong with your pet. Instead of just waiting around for professional help, we recommend you to perform basic first aid based on the condition to comfort your dog. In certain cases, your dog’s only lifeline is the first aid treatment provided by you so it is essential to know what to do.

Comprehensive dog first aid kit

Just having a comprehensive first aid kit is not enough, you must know how to use everything in it. There are a lot of informational videos online and courses offered by various professionals on how to use them. You may be familiar with using them on humans but with pets, you will need some additional training. If your dog’s sickness is severe then first aid will not be able to do much so it is essential for you to treat them as and when symptoms appear (after consulting with your Vet of course.) Some scary accidents like snake bites are more common than you may think so you must always stay prepared for such incidents with the adequate tools and training required to use them. This is especially true if you live in a snake-infested area.

If you live in a cold country then after dog wash in a pet washing machine, use the dryer on them before taking them out in the cold weather. Most of these pet washing machines come equipped with driers so it is a seamless experience to use them as soon as you are finished with washing your dog. If you expose them to the cold without drying immediately after a wash then they may catch a cold.

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