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Checking your puppy’s paws on a regular basis is a good idea. It is recommended by Veterinarians as well because by doing so you will able to spot and foreign bodies lodged inside before they do any damage. If there is any damage already then you will be able to spot it in its early stage making it easier for the Vet to treat it effectively. You will also be able to keep track of their nail length and clip it as and when needed. It is advisable to learn how to clip their nails at home.

Caring for your dog is an endless quest. You can always do more so how to care for them can be a daunting question. If you are a first-time dog parent then you will soon learn that they need different types of care as they keep growing. One major aspect that most dog owners ignore are the paws. What most dog owners don’t realize is that without frequent care, the consequences can be quite painful for the dog. Paws are your dog’s connection to the ground and as they don’t wear any foot protection while running around just about everywhere on all types of surfaces, it is our duty as the pet parents to make sure that they are looked after. Here are some things that all per parents need to know about their puppy’s paws

  • Both of their front paws have five claws – four touching the ground and one dew claw located higher up. This is similar to the human thumb.
  • Most dogs have four claws on the paws of their back legs. In some rare cases, a few dogs have a dew claw on either one or both their hind legs.
  • Just like human nails, the claws of dogs grow continuously. Most dogs have their claws worn down naturally if they are active as they rub on the ground every time they move around. The Dewclaw never wears down naturally and remains extremely sharp. If you find that their nails have grown to a point where it may be causing problems while walking, it is a good idea to trim them down. These overgrown claws can make walking uncomfortable and cause unnecessary problems if they catch and break which can cause immense pain and infections.
  • Ideally, your dog’s claw must not extend beyond the base level of their pads. If you hear any kind of sounds from their claws when they are walking around then you must immediately clip them.


What you must do to care for your puppy’s nails

  • If your dog needs frequent clipping, learn how to do it at home rather than taking them to the groomer or the Vet always just for this simple task. It is essential to get them clipped professionally initially until they get used to it. If the first clipping is painful for them they may hate getting them clipped from then onwards.
  • It is very easy to clip as long as you have the right tool and know how much to clip before your dog feels any pain. You can clip their claws immediately after dog wash in an automatic pet washing machine. These dog wash machines will soften their claws to make it easier to clip.
  • Choose a clipper that is ideal for the size of your dog’s claw. You can ask your groomer to help you choose the right one.
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