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Grooming Your Dog – How To Make It a Positive Experience

Grooming tips don’t need to be stressful but with a majority of dogs, this is a real problem. Thankfully this is not a problem that can’t be fixed. A calm and relaxed state of mind can only be achieved if you can just get your dog comfortable with the whole process of grooming. We have compiled a list of tips from industry experts to help you keep your dog comfortable and composed during the grooming process. This is absolutely essential to implement as early as possible to ensure that all the grooming sessions throughout their life are stress-free.

The frequency of grooming sessions depends mainly on a dog’s coat type and length. Longer the coat, the more frequently they need to be groomed and with short coat dogs, they may not need to be groomed as much. If you own a dog that needs frequent grooming sessions then having them stressed out during the grooming process is not a good thing for everyone involved. Thankfully, there are multiple ways that you can take the stress out of the grooming visits. With lots of persistence and patience, there will come a time when they will be uber-cool when they are getting groomed. 

The first thing to remember before you get started is that dogs are a different species and have completely different psychological needs. They look at humans for leadership and guidance so ever small reaction that you make counts. If you remain calm and composed then your dog will reflect that as well. Once you know this basic fact you are well on your way to getting your dog ready for the grooming challenge. Here are some more tips to help you get there,

Right Groomer

When choosing a groomer, you must ask certain preliminary questions like, is it a cage-free salon? Do dogs have access to each other and where? Does the salon kennel dogs? Do they offer appointments to limit time spent waiting? Do they take more than one dog at a time to groom? After you have asked these questions and received satisfactory answers to them you can visit the salon and check it out yourself to see if it is maintained well. Based on your impressions of the salon, you can either go with it and bring your dog in or choose another one. Some good grooming salons have automatic pet washing machines for dog wash. These dog wash machines can help your dog relax and stay calm as they can get washed with ideal conditions which can go a long way in getting your dog comfortable with grooming.  


Exercise Before Dog Grooming

If you own a particularly energetic dog then it is a good idea to make them spend some of that energy before you take them to the groomer. A well-structured exercise beforehand will help your dog establish a positive state of mind towards anything that comes after so over time this will ensure that they associate grooming as a positive experience. 

Remain Calm on Dog Grooming

Dogs are extremely perceptive and can sense every reaction be it verbal or body language. If you are feeling anxious when bringing your dog to the groomer then they can sense that and they will try to emulate it. To overcome such a situation from happening, make sure that you are walking with confidence and purpose. It also helps to limit your conversation with them during this journey.

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