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Dog Health Care – How to Spot Illnesses – 2 Symptoms to Look For

Dogs are amazing companions who unfortunately don’t have the ability to speak and tell us how they are feeling. Fortunately, those of us who own dogs are familiar with their highly expressive body language. This can especially come in handy with Dog health care as with their body language, we can identify the early signs of various illnesses. Not everyone will be able to pick up small changes in their personality and behavior, but if you are able to spot the difference early on then you will be able to diagnose their condition well before it takes root.

You may be wondering what you must look for, here in this article we have listed down two common signs to look out for if in your dog’s behavior and personality and how you can identify them during dog wash in either a dog wash machine, any pet washing machine or even just washing them at home.

Change in Personality

Usually, when dogs are experiencing pain they tend to portray it through drastic changes in their behavior. For instance, if your dog is quite a social dog then it may start withdrawing or may even show aggression in certain cases. While giving a Dog Wash in the Dog Wash Machine or any Pet Washing Machine you will have to touch them all around to give them a proper wash. When you come close to the part of their body where they are experiencing pain, they may start growling or even snap at you. Other dogs may become more clingy or during dog wash or before wash in Dog Wash Machine or Pet Washing Machine. If you come across any of the above-mentioned signs, then you must consult your veterinarian immediately. 

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Sudden Weight Loss/Gain

Slight changes in weight is generally not a big issue but if there are any drastic changes in their weight then this is a reason for concern as it can indicate a more serious underlying problem. Dogs generally don’t lose weight unless they are exercising extensively or are on a diet. If they are gaining weight or losing weight without any drastic changes in the way they lead their life, then they may be experiencing some health issues. This may not always be easy to spot as it usually takes weeks to notice any visual changes and this sudden shift in weight may happen without any other unusual symptoms.

To spot this sign early, observe your dog’s ribs to identify the weight condition of your pets. They can provide a relatively accurate visual representation of their weight composition and general Dog health care status. When giving a dog wash either at home or at the Dog Wash Machine or a Pet Washing Machine make sure that you can feel the ribs but if they are not protruding out more than what you are used to seeing then they are losing weight and if you are not able to see them and barely feel them, it means that they are gaining weight on a rapid pace, both of which mean that your dog needs Dog health care services from the Vet.

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