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Dog Wash – How It Makes Your Dogs Happy

Dogs are creatures of habit. With regular and frequent bathing sessions from their puppy days, it is possible to make them not completely loathe bath time. They may seem reluctant before stepping in but once they are done with it, they seem to get the energy of a puppy. The will seem extra playful and full of energy. Why does this happen?

In the case of humans, we love nothing more than a soak in the tub after a long work week or a grueling hike. Just the thought of it is enough to get us excited. Do dogs feel the same way or are they just running around with all that energy to dry themselves?

If you have ever owned a dog then you will know that when they get wet either while walking outside in the rain, while giving them a bath or just letting them run free around lakes, their first reaction is to shake it off. This is an instinctive reaction that is common with all dogs. They do this to rid themselves of excess water from their body and dry themselves.

This can often be the case after you wash your dog. We may mistake this for happiness and playfulness. From a purely biological perspective, dogs are doing this is just to stay warm. The running around also is just a way to raise their body temperature. Of course, a towel goes a long way in such a situation. Dogs that have a long fur coat can be blow dried as well. In order to do this successfully, they must be gradually introduced to the blow dryer from their puppy days. The automatic pet washing machines already have them built in. These dog wash machines can be found across the world and are designed in such a way that you can bathe your dogs in the most efficient manner.

Dog Wash

Post bath happiness – Is it actually a case of itchy scratches?

A common mistake among most pet parents, even experienced ones is when they mistake a dog’s irritation to excess energy, playfulness or glee. As most of us cannot speak dog, it is quite easy to misread their indications as they start acting out in ways that we are familiar with when they were puppies. Dog wash can often leave them feeling itchy in some awkward places where they may not be able to reach. So they try running around trying to get to those spots by rubbing against anything and everything they find. It is quite easy to mistake this for playfulness.

To avoid such a situation we recommend you to brush them down after a bath. This will help alleviate a majority of the itchy sensations caused by the shampoo or the tingling from the wash. If this persists, then you must consider changing your shampoo to something a little more sensitive and compliant to their fur. You can even consult your Vet and a groomer regarding this, they will be able to guide you well.

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