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iClean Dog Wash XL

iClean International anticipates and responds to changing customer needs through constant evolution and innovation.
While the iClean Dog Wash Classic is already the most advanced dog wash in the world, we got a request from the market to develop
a new Dog Wash model that gives the biggest dogs more space and has a plateau that allows the dog to turn more easily to improve the washing experience.
We put our engineers to work and can now proudly present the iClean Dog Wash XL.

We increased the plateau size by 11.8” (30 cm) x 3.9“ (10 cm). We took this opportunity to change the overall shape of the Dog Wash machine standard.
We added elegant round shapes and a round bathtub window. We mounted multicolor LED panels behind the logos, which we cut out of stainless steel (customizable).
When you consider the attention to detail and luxurious touches found all over this machine, it becomes even more enticing.

When the right materials strike the perfect chord

11 inch model

22 inch model