Electro-Pollution Effects On Dogs||Effects of Electromagnetic Fields

Electro-Pollution – Effects On Your Dogs

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All the devices we use on a regular basis like cell phones and microwaves to power lines that enable the use of appliances always emit some sort of radiation. This is called as electro-pollution. Recent studies suggest that this can have an adverse impact on our health and more so on the health of our dogs. Here in this article, you can learn what these effects are how can your pets be protected from them.

In the past two decades, the use of wireless technology has skyrocketed. Most people around the globe, especially in urban areas are residing in a sea of different types of radiation, the most abundant being electromagnetic radiation (EMR). According to statistics, the amount of electromagnetic radiation has increased over 100 to 200 million in just a century. Studies suggest that the balance within our bodies and that of our pets are upset drastically with the increase in the EMR levels. This is terrible news to us all as it can have numerous health consequences.

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Effects of Electromagnetic Fields

EMF’s have been shown to cause immense damage to cells and DNA. The damage from the sources reduces considerably the further away you get. Despite numerous studies that have been conducted to show the damage that EMF has on our body, most people choose to ignore it and carry on with their life thinking that they don’t need to worry about it.

Effects of Electromagnetic Fields

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also classified radiation as a possible carcinogen in 2011 and in 2013 it classified it as a probable carcinogen.

According to experts, the biological stress induced by electro-pollution can compromise the communication between cells along with the normal physiology of both humans and pets. This will lead to the breakdown and disintegration of healthy cellular processes. To be more specific, the functionality of the cells deteriorates, the membranes of the cells harden, there is free radical damage, optimum nutrients will not be able to enter the cells and the excretion of toxins from the cells is hindered.

Many studies on this topic have concluded that electro-pollution can adversely affect the nervous system, immune system, and the enzyme synthesis; all of which are critical elements that are crucial for the normal functioning of the bodies of both humans and their pets. Some other side effects are that there is a drastic change in behavioral pattern, moods and on learning. Because EMR can damage the body at a molecular, cellular and biochemical level, it is very hard to detect until the very end when the damage is already done.  

How Can You Protect Yourself and Your Pets

According to the experts, there are three levels of interventions that can help in providing adequate protection from electro-pollution.

  1. Primarily, you must try to reduce exposure as much as possible. What we mean by this is try to keep the usage of your device to the minimum and when needed use a pair of earphones while making calls. When you are not using your phone, switch it into airplane mode.
  2. The second thing is to minimize the effects of the radiation. There are some materials that are known to minimize the effects of radiations. These come in different shapes and forms. From a pendant to an object you can place inside your house, there are a lot of options to choose from as per your needs and requirements. You can even put a pendant on your dog’s collar to protect them.
  3. The third and final level is to strengthen the metabolic system of the body in order to support the correction of cell damage. This can be achieved through a healthy lifestyle and diet.


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