40% Increased Customer Traffic

Increased Customer Traffic. Adding an iClean Dog Wash will upgrade your business. The iClean Dog Wash brings new customers to your store because you now offer a DIY Dog Wash unit for customers to easily clean their dogs.

25% Increased Customer Spend. With your new iClean Dog Wash, more customers will regularly visit your store to wash their dogs and this will result in a higher spend in your store as well as at the Dog Wash. We see the customer spend going up with 25%.

New Customer Spend. The new customer spend is an added bonus, with 40% of the Dog Wash customers being new to your store it is an opportunity to retain them. Your iClean Dog Wash will average 35 washes per week (worldwide average), $350 turn over. Out of these customers 15 have not been to the store until you installed the iClean Dog Wash. Your Dog Wash customers will on average return once every 4 weeks for a new wash. Convert this into additional retail sales per year and it is clear that adding an iClean Dog Wash is a no-brainer!

Supercharge your Pet Store
Supercharge your Pet Store
Supercharge your Car Wash
Supercharge your Car Wash
Low cost, high profit
Average R.O.I. 1.5 years
1 Year warranty
Business all year round
Easy to clean and maintain

iClean adds value

When you install an iClean Dog Wash you will transform your business into a destination for dog lovers. The benefits of installing an iClean Dog Wash are wide ranging. Installing an iClean Dog Wash leads to increased sales of everyday products like pet food, pet toys & pet care products.

40% new customers

Installing an iClean Dog Wash will attract a lot of new customers. 40% of your Dog Wash customers are new to your store / location. This offers incredible cross-sell opportunities !

Returning customers every 4 weeks

90% of your iClean Dog Wash customers are returning customers because they love the iClean Dog Wash. They come back to wash their dog every 4 weeks on average: Amazing Snowball Effect !

25% increased product sale

Installing an iClean Dog Wash will increase your product sales with 25%

Return On Investment
Less then 1,5 year

Adding an iClean Dog Wash unit to your business is a very profitable investment. Our customers average 35 Dog Wash sessions a week which gives you a return on your investment in less then 1.5 years.

R.O.I. calculation example
Price per 10 min wash
Cost per wash
Sales margin per wash
Average number of washes per week
Total margin per year

Break Even Point
1 dog a day

If you lease an iClean Dog Wash for a period of 5 years (60 months) you will break even at only 1 dog wash per day. The average lease costs will be around USD 250 per month (Depending on the Dog Wash model and options). The average margin per wash is USD 8.80. If you wash 7 dogs per week, your lease costs are covered. Every additional wash will be pure profit.

B.E.P. calculation example
Lease period (5 years / 60 months)
Average lease costs per month
Total lease costs (5 years)
Price per 10 min wash
Cost per wash
Profit per wash
Number of washes per week (average: 35)
Total profit in 5 years

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