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World’s leading Self-Serve Dog Wash company

The iClean Dog Wash is the best all-in-one Self-Serve Dog Wash unit in the world. Built to last a lifetime, plug and play, maintenance free, safe and easy to use.

THE perfect extra revenue generator for your pet store, car wash, veterinary clinic, gas station, dog grooming business, garden center, multi-family community, laundromat and so many other facilities.

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And receive our MEGA Deals !

Unique Selling Points

Fast Delivery
Premium support
2 Year Warranty

40% Increase in customer traffic

Upgrade your business with a self-service dog wash. Installing an iClean Dog Wash unit is a smart investment, because this demonstrably ensures a continuous flow of new customers, who also spend more. Win-win!

25% increase in turnover. With your new iClean Dog Wash unit, more customers will visit your company on a regular basis to wash their dog. This not only means direct income from the Dog Wash, but also additional turnover for your core business. On average, the turnover per customer increases by no less than 25%!

40% new customers. The new customer spend is an added bonus, with 40% of the Dog Wash customers being new to your store it is an opportunity to retain them. Your iClean Dog Wash will average 35 washes per week (worldwide average), $350 turnover. Out of these customers 15 have not been to the store until you installed the iClean Dog Wash. On average, every customer will return once every 4 weeks for a new wash. Convert this into additional store sales per year and it’s clear that adding an iClean Dog Wash is a no-brainer!