Dog Behaviors And Their Meaning

Wouldn’t it be just wonderful if your dog could speak up and tell you how they are feeling? I am sure alike most pet owners; you must have also thought about it. Who wouldn’t want to know what goes inside those tiny heads?

Just like humans, a lot of information is obtained from a dog’s body language about what it needs or what it might be feeling. With this guide, you will be able to crack the message your is dog sending you with its sleeping positions or other behaviours.

The curved belly is one of the most popular sleeping positions among dogs as well as cats. In this position, a dog curves its spine with its nose placed right on its tail. If you notice your dog lying on its belly curved like a snowball, this may mean one of the two things, its either late fall or winter outside, and your pooch is trying to conserve as much heat as it can. The alternative doesn’t involve the weather rather quite the opposite. The curved belly position allows an animal to get up on its feet quickly in case of danger. In short, this is a guarding position. Most of the time, dogs can’t get much sleep when they are curved like that. This sleeping position may also mean they feel insecure and need protection.

Does your furry friend love to lay on his side and spread its legs, that is the happy position. The side sleeper is the most appropriate position for sleep. In fact, in this position, REM sleep occurs. There is no need to get alarmed if you find your dog kicking, running, or fluttering its legs in the air while sleeping in this position; it is just acting out of its dreams.

There is one thing you can be sure about if your pooch is sleeping in this position that it needs some quality sleep and does not need to be disturbed. Your pet may even try to sleep in a secure place where it may be disturbed less. If your dog sleeps on its side, this means it feels safe around you and is comfortable with exposing its vital organs. Such dogs have strong relations with their owners and families.

Isn’t this a funny name for a sleeping position? Well to be fair, your dog might look hilarious in this position. When your dog sleeps with both front and back legs stretched out front, and it looks like your pooch is about to fly off and save the world. It is mostly a napping position for puppies. It is because they are feeling energetic, and this position helps them get up on their feet quickly. Some breeds also continue napping in this position even when they are adults.

If your adult dog prefers to sleep in this position, this means it feels hot, or it has been an exhausting day. One more explanation is that your pooch is ready to play whenever you decide to wake it up.

You can sometimes catch your pet curled up in the shape of a ball with its tail wrapped around its body and paws nicely tucked away. If you look closely, this position resembles the fatal position in humans. Both people and dogs curl up in this position to try and protect their inner organs or on a cold night to conserve heat. Dogs tend to protect their throat and belly in this position as they are most conscious about these organs of their body.

It is also possible that something may be stressing your pet if it sleeps like this, for example, noise or unfamiliar environment. Your dog may be scared of something and need some affection and extra care. Vets say dogs in this position may be feeling cold. A good option will be to get a heater or a blanket for your dog. Contrary to that, some dogs just like to sleep this because well, everyone has their quirks.

Some dogs prefer to sleep on their backs with all legs in the air or folded close to their body. It is the most relaxed sleeping position in dogs. The belly and throat stay exposed. Your pet must trust you and feel safe around you if it sleeps in this position. However, it may also mean that your dog is feeling hot and got tired during the day. It is a good sign if your dog chooses to sleep in this position. Your pooch can adapt to different conditions quite easily than others.

In this position, the front legs are stretched out and the head is sort of bowed in front of its body. The sphinx position allows your dog to get up and come to you running as soon as you call him. Dogs opt for this position when they are not in a deep sleep. Most dogs choose this position when they are in an unfamiliar environment.

Just like humans, dogs tend to tilt their heads when they are confused about something. You might have seen multiple videos of dogs tilting their heads to a sound. It is because they are trying to determine the source of the sound by tilting their head to the side. It is common when your dog is in training and waiting for more information for the trainer.

If you notice your dog licking its lips it may mean it’s stressed or uncertain. Sometimes, this behaviour can mean that your canine is sexually active. Besides, if you see him licking the lips of other dogs, mind you they are not kissing. On the contrary, this means he isn’t ready to make friends with them.

A lot of us may know this one. Howling can mean different things depending on the duration of the howl. If your dog produces short howl, it is excited about something or is trying to mimic other sounds. If your dog produces long howls, it is trying to let other canines know its presence because it might be lonely. You should try to spend time with your dog if you find him howling like this.

A lot of dog behaviours resemble human behaviours. For example, nightmares. If you see signs of distress in your dog while sleeping like whimpering or shaking its body, it might be having a nightmare. It is normal to get nightmares once in a while. You can rub its belly to provide comfort. If the frequency of nightmares increases or you see signs of seizure you should see your vet about this.

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