How To Care For A Pug’s Ears

A Pug might be diminutive, and his short-haired coat might not look like it needs much effort to be kept clean, but even Pugs need some grooming. His Pug wrinkles just scream out “I’m cute but grimy,” and those ears need to be wiped out once in awhile.

However, the services of a professional groomer are not necessary, and you can tackle the job yourself.

Preventing Infection

The breed’s cute little fold-over ears make a great gathering place for earwax, dirt, and whatnot. The one thing you should be aware of inside your Pug’s ears is an ear infection. Those can itch and hurt, and your Pug will end up scratching and rubbing to alleviate the discomfort. If it’s really bad, he can scratch them so hard that they start bleeding. You can easily take care of this with regular cleaning and spare your Pug all the suffering.

Besides this, allergies and conditions such as hypothyroidism, diabetes, overactive adrenal glands or ear mites can also be responsible for your Pug’s ear infections.

How and What to Check

You just need to flip over the Puggy’s ear flaps to check whether anything untoward is going on. You should look for healthy ears, slightly pink and not red. If it’s red, that means an infection and trouble.

At times you can smell a problem before you see it. The brown or black waxy buildup inside the ear canal and sends off a rather nasty odor. Then it’s time to go into your Pug’s ear and clean up the mess.

Check your Pug’s ears regularly. This will help you nip any problems in the bud. You should ensure that the insides of the ears feel warm to the touch. Regular cleaning can clear up ear infections in a few days, but you better take the Puggy to the veterinarian if it doesn’t.

If your Pug has ear mites, his ears might not clear up easily. The tiny pests that reside in the ear canal cause problems with their constant irritation. You might need a strong cleaner prescribed by a veterinarian for these bugs. There’s not much reason to worry as ear infections and ear mites are not contagious to people.

How to Clean

You should get a safe ear-cleaning solution to do the job right. The types of ear cleaners available in a pet food store or through catalogs usually contain alcohol, which quickly dries out making your Pug’s little ears itch even more.

One shouldn’t use items like ear swabs, cotton balls, baby wipes or tissues to clean your dog’s ears. These aren’t often big enough to absorb all the debris. There’s nothing better to go digging inside your Pug’s ears with other than cotton strips. Beware of anything sharp that can hurt his sensitive ears.

Don’t clean your Pug’s ears if they aren’t dirty! Cleaning without reason can result in yeast infections.

After your cleaning session, give your puggy a small food treat to reward him for good behavior while putting up with this ear invasion!

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