Everything That You Need To Know About Dog Water Toys

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Dog water toys are those toys for dogs that are explicitly made to use in the water. It depicts that they can be taken to the pool, lake, ocean, or be used for bathtime fun. 

They are usually made of waterproof materials such as plastic or rubber and are fabricated to float and bob so that dogs can reconcile them during play. 

Some dog water toys will provide features that will increase the bonding between you two, such as ropes for tug-of-war and tossing, holes where water shoots out, or full-on sprinkler or hose attachments that can help you in your yard activities.

 You must opt for the right option for your canine family member by seeking safe, durable, and easy to clean toys as it is an integral part of life.

But you should take into account the following aspects if you are planning to buy water-specific toys;


A water toy fabricated for dogs can float freely in the water. Its feature to swim in the water keeps everything safe. Without the floating capacity, it will be difficult—and even unsafe—for a dog to restore it and for you or your dog to discover it in the water. 


There is a tendency for toys to get slippery after being in the water. Therefore, we recommend you opt for the ones that possess some gripping mechanism to help pups grab the toys with their mouths. To make the dog easily grasp the toy with their teeth, it can be of various forms like the textured surface, nubs, or ropes. 


If you throw a dog toy out into a sea or a lake, ensure the color of it is bright. It will help both of you to discover the toy later on. On the other hand, lest the shade is dull or blends into the water too much, it could be a hurdle for you to spot, and ultimately, you may end up losing it in the waves. 


The best dog water toys have the flex that will enable you to play with them both on land and water. We prefer you to buy versatile toys that can be used at home or in your yard apart from the pool or beach.

 Following are some of the best water toys for your companion(comprising floating dog pool toys and even a dog pool float!) to keep that canine comfortable on hot summer days. 

  1. Skipping bones— skipping stones

They might not look that attractive, but they will soon become your pup’s favorite. Kurgo skipping stones rocket across the water like actual rocks and are super tough, too, but they come from durable rubber that will not face the problem of waterlogging.

  1. A Nerf Dog shark football that brightens your pup’s day

Being Nerf tough, it can squeak, crunch, and even float. Your dog will love this. 

  1. A dog-sized life jacket for a long time on the water.

Some dogs are not good at swimming, and pups who are sports enthusiasts can get exhausted after a splashing day. (And if your puppy is accompanying you on a boat this summer, a personal floating device is compulsory. 

  1. A Hydrofreeze Ball for frozen fetching fun with your furry friend.

Trying to stay calm during a marathon fetch sesh? With Hydro toys, your task becomes less taxing. Just stuff their Hydrofreeze Ball up from the faucet and leap it in the freezer.


  1. A giant ol’ float if pup prefers a more laid-back water hang.

If your four-legged companion prefers to lounge around instead of going for a stroll, we incline our poolside piña colada to him! Grab your buddy a floating dog raft, and he can do the chilling in the pool without the involvement of any fetching and tugging. 

  1. A foldable, transportable pet pool

It can be compressed easily, thus giving you the advantage of storing it and setting it up when you want to splash around. In addition, it does not need any inflation, simply unfold, fill, and all those.  

Now that you have gone through the best article on water toys for dogs, you have multiple ideas to shield your pup from being overheated during summertime. Got anything in mind? You can share with us your thought!

Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

This is Wendy Hendriks From iClean Internationals Ltd. Life-long learner, committed to working hard at self directed learning environment.

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