Everything You Should Do With Your Dog On July 4

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We wish you all a joyful Fourth of July!

Most of you plan to spend your time outdoors in the first week of July with friends and family and, not to forget, your dogs. Of course, you will get to see many grilling, outdoor sports, parades, and fireworks. But, while we anticipate you all have bountiful fun, we also want to highlight a few essential safety tips for our canine.

Suggestions that will keep your four-legged companion safe in the summer and during fireworks

Defensive ways of working out

Since I have a more aged, black dog, I need to be attentive when I exercise him to get excessively heated. It is something all dog parents should be pondering about, especially in the summertime. For instance, I try to walk my puppy early in the morning or in the evening when it’s less warm.

If you do have to stroll your canine in the heat, be cautious of conceivably warm pavement, warm sand, or other hot surfaces.

We want to wish you all a festive Fourth of July ahead!

If you need to do him exercise in the middle of the day, you might take him for a walk through an air-conditioned, dog-friendly store. Indoor games such as “find it” or tug of war are other options.

According to Dr. Debra Nickelson, “It is a wise idea to examine the surface with shoeless feet or with the palm of your hand.” Lambert Kay, who is the resident veterinarian at the pet-care company, says, “If it is quite a discomfort for you and perhaps way too uncomfortable for your pup.”

She said if your pup starts tiptoeing, lifting his feet, or looking as if he is walking over the glass, you should immediately discard him from the surface.

Know the indications of heat exhaustion in pups

“Heat exhaustion in pups happens because of overactivity and inadequate cooling,” as per Nickelson.

She said if heat exhaustion becomes worse, it can generate heatstroke, a central nervous system disturbance leading to organ failure. Heatstroke is more prevalent in breeds with short muzzles like boxers and pugs.

She said that one area where pet parents must be aware of heat exhaustion or heat stroke is in the car. As per the American Veterinary Medical Association study, the interior temperatures of vehicles varying between 72 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit escalated as time soared.

“This can quickly generate a dangerous environment for any pup, and breaking the window does not help,” she said.

Nickelson listed some of the signs of heatstroke, like:

increased panting


“saliva foam”

shining red gums

labored breathing

sluggish behavior

difficulty in walking or balancing


blood while throwing up, urinating, or during the stool

If you think your furry friend may undergo heat exhaustion or heat stroke, Nickelson warned that the dog must be put to ease gradually.

“Pet parents can manage this with cool, wet towels,” she explained.

Her other advice is to pour cold water over affected areas like the stomach gently or encourage the pup to rest on a serene, hard floor surface beside a fan.

She also said to call your dog’s veterinarian as soon as possible.

Safety tips at the time of fireworks

Nikki Thompson, being the director of education and outreach for the Bucks County (Pennsylvania) SPCA, said the shelter daily takes in many animals on July 5 due to dogs getting panicked from the fireworks and fleeing away the day before.

I questioned her about the tips to keep pups safe during fireworks or natural calamities.

She said it is ideal for putting your dog in a room where you can draw the blinds or curtains. Preferably, this room should not have an exterior door because many pets get scared by the noise and run to the closest way out.

Thompson also said to put on a soft light for the pet and to have a radio or TV on in the room just a little louder than you usually would. 

She also said to ensure your pup is wearing a tight collar with clear ID tags.

“If they step out, they are much more likely to return home quickly if they can be figured out.”

How about the others? What suggestions do you have for keeping dogs safe on the Fourth of July?

Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

This is Wendy Hendriks From iClean Internationals Ltd. Life-long learner, committed to working hard at self directed learning environment.

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