Christmas is finally round the corner. We’ve all got parties and the presents to look forward to, sumptuous food, sweets not to forget the annual get-togethers with friends and family. In spite of all the merrymaking, we do know that Christmas can be a stressful time and it’s the same for your pet dogs. Over the holidays, you may play host to lots of visitors, a new Christmas tree with those flashing lights is sure to make the home smell and feel different – making it fun for you, but not so much for your dog.

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Here’re a few hints and tips to make sure that this Christmas is fun for both you and your beloved dog.


If your pet tends to get nervous around strangers, then it’s best to ensure that they are in a quiet space away from all the noise and merrymaking. Have some doggy treats ready to hand out in case you need to distract or calm your pet down when people arrive. If there are young children around, it’s best to keep them separate them from unfamiliar animals. A dog won’t appreciate someone unfamiliar pulling on their ears. While it might be fun to have your dog play the part of the donkey from the Christmas nativity, he might not enjoy it as much as you do.


Christmas lights add a lot to the festive feel and they come in all shapes, colours and styles nowadays. If your dog is used to laze about in the living room where your Christmas tree is placed, this can be distracting and annoying for them, especially when they are trying to sleep.

Ornaments and tinsel may look pretty on the tree, but for your dog they can be a treasure trove of new playthings. Don’t leave your dog unattended around the Christmas tree, as they can be disastrous for your pet and no-one would want to visit the vet in the run up to Christmas Day!

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Don’t we all love receiving Christmas presents! It’s great to see the fancy boxes stacked under the tree. If you have a curious pet, then think twice about where you leave the presents. Don’t’ ever forget that dogs have a keen sense of smell and some a little less self-control than others.

Treats and Walks

While it’s tempting to lavish your dog with those extra little tidbits over Christmas, remember that some food items are quite poisonous to dogs. Alcohol and chocolate are quite hazardous for dogs, so even if you might think it’s fun to indulge your pet, it might not turn out well.

If you really want to gift your dog this Christmas, then the holidays are a great time to take him for a few extra walks. These bonus trips will also help you to walk off all those extra calories consumed over Christmas.

Follow these tips, and you and your pet are sure to enjoy a merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

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