Self-Serve Dog Wash

Our four-legged friends are curious creatures who love adventures. However, this is when they get dirty and even contract parasites as they walk, run, roll and enjoy the things around them.
So, giving them regular baths is a no-brainer to keep them healthy. Bathing your fur pets is also a fun way to spend quality time with them.

While your pets can enjoy bathing times at home, it might be a struggle for some pet owners to try to keep them still. So, some pet owners might want a trip to a pet grooming spa to give their dog a fun bathing time but with a price tag.
Thankfully, self-serve dog wash stations offer an economical way to keep your fur babies clean without much effort.
On a serious note, you may want to check with your trusted veterinarian to make sure your dogs bathe at proper intervals.

What is a self-serve dog wash?

As the name suggests, dog wash stations are bathing facilities with automatic pet cleaning dispensers so pet owners can wash and dry their fur babies. Dog wash machines have bathing areas, retainers to secure the pets, coin and/or credit card slots that accept payments, automatic shampoo dispensers, and of course a shower. All these with an easy-to-navigate touch screen that will allow you to choose different dog wash programs.

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Where to find the nearest dog wash station?

iClean DogWash machines are available in many countries worldwide. In the US, you can find these coin-operated pet wash stations in many business types—vet clinics, gas stations, and laundromats to name a few. Feel free to use th location finder on our website.

Why are self-serve dog wash stations the best option for pet owners?

If there is one advantage that self-serve wash stations could offer is its 24/7 availability. Whether it's a late-night stroll in the park or an early morning hike in the woods, you can always stop by at any dog wash station and let your four-legged companions enjoy a refreshing bath.

Ease and comfort for your pets and owners

Pet owners would agree that bathing times often come with challenges. Pets can be uncooperative sometimes and would try to run away. Dog wash stations help eliminate this scenario by securing them with retainers.

Depending on the unit, dog wash machines offer a roomy wash tub allowing ease of movement for your furry pets—big or small. The sides are also protected so that even average-sized dogs cannot escape

A good bathing facility also saves you from awkward posture as they are designed to keep your body in an upright position.

An affordable luxurious treat for your fur babies

Self-serve dog wash stations are budget-friendly. However, that does not mean you do not enjoy top-notch service. Self-serve dog wash stations are equipped with high-quality cleaning supplies such as shampoo, conditioner, and even anti-flea shampoo.

Hair and water can be smeared throughout your home if your dog has an accident in the bathroom or shakes itself dry near your expensive living room furniture. A musty dog smell can linger for hours even if your house is dry and clean. Then there's that lingering wet dog odour to contend with!

The water temperature is also maintained at 38°C to keep your dogs cozy. After a refreshing bath, you can choose between low or high blow dry for 5 minutes.

Furthermore, fur pets are uncomfortable on wet slippery floors. So, bathtubs in dog wash machines are equipped with a non-slip material so your dog can stand comfortably the whole bathing time.

Economical for pet owners

Let us be honest, keeping pets requires money. Pet owners are most likely to spend more on food and pet visits. While a trip to a pet grooming spa is a good way to pamper your pets, it might cost you an arm and leg in the long run. So, taking them to a self-serve dog wash station is not only good for them but also helps you to stick to your budget.

The truth is, keeping your pets clean and healthy does not come with a high price tag. As long as they eat healthily, are taken to the vet for regular checkups, and are clean at all times, they will do just fine.

Do you have what it takes to start a self-serve dog wash station in your area?

Whether you’re planning to open a dog wash business or to add self-serve dog wash equipment to your vet clinic, a self-serve dog wash station is a great source of passive income. What’s more, as the pet industry grows, it could give you more opportunities to expand your business.

Like other businesses, you have to consider a few basic factors such as business type, startup costs, location, and competition among others.

You also want to take into consideration partnering up with companies you can rely on. Everything in your self-serve dog wash stations—from equipment to consumables should come from the brands you trust. They not only give you the utmost quality they also bring knowledge and experience essential for the growth of your business.

Furthermore, business is much smoother when your business partners share the same goals with you. So, take the time to look into the company’s reputation. How do they demonstrate their commitment to partnering? Their existing partners could give you honest answers.

Do you want to partner up with reliable brands? Trust iClean DogWash to be with you every step of the way.

Partner up with iClean DogWash to keep fur babies and fur parents happy

For 13 years, iclean DogWash has worked with trusted brands in the industry to create self-serve dog wash machines that will last a lifetime. Each unit comes with innovative features so bathing times with fur pets is an exciting activity for your customers.

Our self-serve dog wash machines can be customized according to your brand’s color palette. We also offer additional options such as close-in water weather, a banknote reader, and even a dog wash roof to name a few. Depending on the unit, you can also opt to include a 32-inch full HD LED TV —a great way to display content to promote your brand identity and/or visual marketing strategy.

And as we continue to find ways to offer innovative features, we always keep in mind your furry friends. We believe that when your fur babies are happy, fur parents are happier.

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