Golden Retrievers

Golder Retrievers are nothing less than a big bundle of happiness. They are named Golden Retrievers because they retrieve gold in their owner’s life (metaphorically!). The Golden Retrievers are fascinating dogs with their shiny golden coat and stunning body. Everywhere they, people are astonished by the beauty of this breed. Golden retrievers originated from Scotland around 1860. As the name suggests, their purpose was to retrieve ducks and fowls during hunting.

Lord Tweedmouth is said to be the creator was this breed. The theory goes something like this- he found a yellow Retriever and bred him with a water spaniel, which resulted in the creation of this majestic dog we know as the Golden Retriever. Lord Tweedmouth’s reason for breeding of this breed was to create a breed that could adapt and thrive in the Scottish weather. 

Nous and Belle were the two dogs who gave birth to this breed. The name of the firstborn puppy of Nous and Belle was Crocus. Earlier, this breed was used as a gamekeeper. Kennel club first recognized this breed in the year 1911 and called it ‘Retriever’ – Golden or Yellow. This breed is famous for being a great hunting partner and over-friendly.

Golden retrievers are one of the most chosen family pets. They are not non-sense barkers. So, if your apartment association has a no-barking clause, you won’t be getting any complaints about this dog. Unlike other dogs, goldens don’t have a bad breath problem. They are always ready for slippery kisses with fresh breath. Do you know that a golden retriever can hold a raw egg in its mouth without breaking it? Retrievers have a soft and steady mouth for hunting purposes; this quality allows them to keep the prey steady in their mouth. Goldens are a nearly perfect breed of indoor pets. They are children and elderly-friendly. Their obedience level and intelligent thinking have made them one of the most loved pets by Americans. Golden retrievers can adapt to an environment with other pets too.


Dietary needs

Golden Retrievers need proper nutrition with a proper routine. Proper routine constitutes a balanced diet and physical activity but let’s talk about diet first. Healthy food is one necessity to keep their body and mind healthy. Throughout their life, the dietary needs to keep changing and should be fulfilled accordingly. As the retrievers get older, their diet reduces. A young Golden Retriever needs to eat approx. three times a day, whereas an adult needs to eat twice a day.

A strict feeding schedule should be followed. Free feeding is unhealthy for every breed and not just the retrievers. It is necessary to fix a time when you have to give your dog food each day. The fixed-time feeding helps their digestive system to develop a habit and function accordingly. Retrievers need a meat-rich diet. The owners should be mindful of not feeding bad fats or artificial components, or sugar to their dogs. Packed foods are a good option and can become a permanent diet for retrievers. Their sole purpose is to feed nutrient-rich food to dogs hence take the load off the owner’s shoulders. Goldens are at risk of obesity. Therefore, their weight needs proper management to prevent the disease. Feeding twice a day is more effective than once a day because it reduces bloating, increases metabolism, and in turn, prevents obesity. Younger Retrievers need to eat more times than the older ones because their calorie requirements are more than their older counterparts. The diet of young retrievers should be high in fiber- must include whole wheat, grains, oats, fruits, and vegetables in a suitable quantity. Do not overfeed your dog in the name of nutrition. Small amounts of fats like coconut oil can also be included in the meal to keep the coat shiny and bright. A healthy lifestyle is a secret to a healthy Retriever.


Best parts of having a Golden Retriever

They are the most adorable of all breeds. Golden retrievers are beautiful, playful, easily trainable, and intelligent. It is hard to find so many qualities in one dog. Golden retrievers are great with kids. They make a perfect companion for a child. Retrievers have a protective instinct for new-born babies, and as the child grows up, they become the ideal outdoor partners. Having a dog in the house in your child’s growth years can boost their cognitive development too. Retrievers are cuddle buddies. They can sense the tension in the atmosphere and immediately cuddle their owner up to lighten the mood. Retrievers are known to be happy and keeping their owners happy. 


Not-so-good bits of having a retriever

Every breed has its bad bits, retrievers too. The perfect looking breed, Golden Retrievers have a severe shedding problem. The coat that gives them their stunning look is prone to shedding. Having a retriever in the house means hair-hair everywhere. After a while, you will be accustomed to having dog hair on your bed or everywhere else in the house. Retrievers are hungry for love and affection. You need to continuously shower them with love and give a lot of attention. Otherwise, they will sulk and mope around the house, desperately asking for love. They are playful, but sometimes goldens can be over-playful. Chewing stuff is their favorite sport, so you can imagine what will go down between a retriever and your shoes.



Golden Retrievers are quite an easy breed to handle in terms of breeding with hardly any complication. Retrievers give birth to six to eight puppies at once. It can be overwhelming to give up these puppies for adoption or even to keep all of them. If you choose to keep all the puppies, Just imagine! What a task it will be to care for one mother retriever and eight puppies. Whichever you choose, it is going to be tough.  

On average, Goldens attains sexual maturity between six to nine months of age, male and female both. However, that does not mean such a young puppy is ready to breed a healthy litter. A dog takes around 18 months to have a fully grown body. It is sensible to allow breeding your dogs after at least two years of age. It will be best for the dogs and the litter both. If you are a first-timer, involve a vet to avoid making any mistake. You just sit back and wait for those nine puppies to be born.


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