How to Groom Your Short-Haired Dog

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While it’s commonly assumed that short-haired dogs can get by with a simple wash-and-go, they could do with some grooming too! Though not obvious, short-haired breeds too shed hair. It does so gradually throughout the year unlike falling out in clumps during spring for other breeds.

As a thumb rule, short-haired dogs should have a coat thickness of 1 inch or less, with very straight hair. Popular short-haired dog breeds include Labrador Retrievers, Greyhounds, Rottweilers, Bull Terriers, Pugs, Chihuahuas, etc.

The following grooming tips will keep your short-haired pet appear stunning regardless of the time of the year.

A Good Brush

Short-haired dogs must be brushed regularly. It should be done with a really good brush suitable for short fur coats. A brush with stiff bristles that are tightly packed together can remove the maximum amount of dead hair. Use this kind of brush for daily brushing of dry fur.

During bath time, it’s recommended to apply shampoo on your dog’s coat, and then slowly brush with a thin brush in the direction of your dog’s hair growth.

Dog Shampoo

Short-haired pet dogs should be bathed once every week. Many old-school dog owners are of the view that a dog should be given a bath only when he needs it, but times have changed. Our pets sleep on our beds now, are always up and about, on walks and traveling with us; plus unlike us, they don’t wear shoes. Regular weekly bathing your dog can remove dead hair and dander while moisturizing your dog’s skin and coat.

Prior to bathing your dog, brush down your dog thoroughly with a bristle brush. This will help loosen dry skin flakes and dander while removing dead hair so that shampoo can penetrate and moisturize your dog’s skin. Choose a pet specific shampoo, gentle and preferably natural that will rinse off easily leaving no residual stickiness afterward.

Conditioner for Dogs

Using conditioners on short-haired dogs’ coats depends on the requirements of your breed’s coat. Conditioners have evolved a lot; they are no longer heavy oil-based concoctions that leave behind a greasy feeling even after rinsing a lot. Modern conditioners come with ingredients like aloe, silk proteins and shea butter that moisturize your dog’s skin leaving his coat feeling like soft, expensive suede.

For short-haired breeds, it’s best to opt for light or leave-in conditioners that will protect your dog’s coat from the harsh sun.

Trimming Dog Nails

Take a look at your pet’s paws from the side while he is standing. Nails should just reach the ground, and you shouldn’t hear any clicking sound when he walks on hard surfaces. Long dog-nails can be painful and cause arthritis, so it’s best to trim your dog’s nails weekly.

Brushing Teeth

Proper canine dental hygiene can be easily maintained with regular brushing. Diseased teeth and gums will not only look horrible and smell bad but will also cause heart and kidney disease. If your dog’s breath smells too bad, you’ll probably need to schedule a dental appointment with your vet.

Do all the above and be prepared to be questioned by fellow dog owners – As to how you keep your dog’s coat so healthy?!

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Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

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