Dog Grooming

If you are a pet parent on a modest budget worried about those ever rising grooming charges, you can take it easy. Grooming your dog doesn’t have to be a costly affair. Not if you do it yourself!

Here are a few tips on how to do a good job grooming your pup, and have them feeling clean and fresh in no time!

Brushing your dog

The very first step in any grooming routine, be sure to use a good quality brush to remove all the tangles and debris from your pet’s fur coat. If you come across any stubborn knots, cut them off. Go slow and easy while brushing your dog, Try not to hurt him, or else he may associate brushing with pain.
Long-haired breeds tend to have more hair on their tail and belly than on their legs and head. A short-haired dog will have roughly the same amount of hair all over its body.

Use proper instruments for a haircut

Go in for a pair of grooming scissors which you can get at any pet store. These are not expensive and can simplify the grooming of your pet. If you can’t get your hands on a pair, opt for a sharp one with long blades. Ensure that you cut your pet’s hair at a blunt angle and be extra careful around sensitive areas such as their face, belly, bottom, toes and private parts.

Bathing your dog

While bathing your pup, avoid using the faucet or a harsh spray. A maneuverable shower attachment with a gentle spray can be the best option. The water you use should be lukewarm, never too hot or too cold which could result in shocking your dog or burning their sensitive skin.

Use a pet-specific shampoo or a vet-approved flea shampoo if your pup has fleas or ticks. Lather up your pup well making sure that you don’t get anything in his ears, eyes, or mouth. Rinse the lather off well, clean up your dog’s eyes and the inside of their ears with a warm washcloth. Use a large soft towel to dry off your dog’s fur coat and get as much water off as possible.

Using a hair dryer

A rubdown with a towel will merely leave your pup with that wet dog smell. A hair dryer is the best option to get your dog’s fur coat completely dry. Use the hairdryer on a low, warm setting. If your dog isn’t averse to the process, try to brush them down while drying so that their coat is shiny and fluffy.

Rewarding your pet

A small treat is essential for your pet who put up with all these aforementioned acts. Also, don’t forget to give your pet a tight hug to show your appreciation for their good behavior.

Remember, grooming your dog takes practice and practice makes perfect! So keep at it, and you will be surprised at all the money you will end up saving in addition to the quality bonding time with your pet.

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