Guidelines For Camping With Your Four-legged Companion

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Sunny lakeside beaches. Solace in hiking trails. Crackling bonfires.

One of the most moving parts of summertime is traversing the scenic beauty of nature. But, do you know what makes it even better? Tagging along your little friend makes the journey worth your while.

It hardly matters whether you are backpacking on weekend afternoons or staying a couple of nights at a local park. If you are geared up for camping with your dog, it can be an enjoyable adventure. But if you are precarious about the starting point, the following are some practical tips to ensure that both of you are happy on the trip.

  • Seek pet-friendly areas.

While many parks and campsites provide the luxury of accomodating your friend, some destinations refrain dogs from entering their premises. Others have restrictions on the number of dogs permitted in a single place.

It is preferable to verify with your campground beforehand about their pet protocols. Do not forget to ask about any leash constraints, as well. 

  • Get your adorable boy or girl entirely vaccinated

Considering that most campgrounds and dog parks want your dog to be entirely vaccinated, you must ensure that your furry companion is current with shots. If not, schedule an appointment with your vet to get your pup back on track.

It is wise to carry a copy of your vet records lest you need to show it.

  •  Use flea and tick bar.

While you traverse the remote wilderness, you may bump into several other visitors – comprising the unwelcome ones. Since ticks are prevalent in wooded areas, seek your vet’s advice about which topical or chewable prevention is ideal for your pet.

  •  Pack for your (dog) pack.

Are you confused about the things you should bring? Following are the items you must keep handy for the safety of your pet; 

  • Dog bowls for food and water (collapsible ones are ideal for travel!)
  • Dog diet and treats 
  • First aid kit 
  • Poop bags (for general reasons) 
  • Straps and tie-outs
  • Outdoor-friendly toys
  • Any prescription drugs
  • Extra napkins
  • Optional: miniature battery-operated fan for white noise


  • Monitor your dog’s ID.

Even when you are meticulous, it is not surprising for dogs to become startled or lost in remote places, especially when it comes to camping and road trip vacations. Therefore, ensure your dog’s collar has a genuine and legible ID tag comprising your present phone number. 

  •  Fix collars or harnesses.

High-quality gear is essential, but it is equally necessary to ensure that it fits perfectly and comfortably. For instance, a change in weight or even excessive seasonal shedding may need collar adjustments. (I own a labrador and a husky mix so that you can get full assurance on this one.)

As a thumb rule, you must be able to fit two fingers beneath your dog’s collar. No more, no less than that. 

We advise a safety collar with a customized nameplate. Even if there is a chance of the worst to happen, i.e.., your dog runs off and gets lost, the safety ring on the collar allows them to wriggle out of their collar if they got caught on anything. And the personalized nameplate, of course, permits your dog to find his way out.

  •  Take additional photos of your pup.

It can be quite tricky for you. So even if your gallery is filled with your dog’s photo, take a few additional pictures before your trip. Take a couple of headshots under the sun, as well as close-ups of any unusual markings, lest your dog gets loose.

  • Boost endurance – for both of you.

Are you hitting the trails? First, you must ensure that both of you do a few trial runs. Lest your dog is not that active, go for exercises together in the weeks before your camping trip, especially on hilly terrain. Boost your activity gradually, and take loads of breaks as demanded, particularly with dogs that need a “couch to 5K” sort of strategy. Bonus points if you can spend a little time at a local dog park for extra socialization, too! 

  •  Give EXTRA hydration and food. 

Your pup will need excess water than usual times, mainly when he is in unfamiliar settings. Get to know about water availability from your campground. It will aid you in planning accordingly. Also, carry your dog’s regular food and treats to dodge any alterations to diet and prepare in extra quantities. Just like you, your dog will be burning extra calories with all of that heightened activity and fresh air.

  •  Think of waterproof gear.

Are you allowing your dog to swim at the lake? Or are you apprehensive about rain and your friend splashing in all the poodles? We prefer you to invest in waterproof collars and leashes. They usually do not stretch out or result in smelly odors when you are bunking together in the tent. 

  • Learn with those first-timers and timid pups. 

Are you confused about the reaction of your dog to camping for the first time? Or do you own a puppy who gets easily anxious? We advise you to put up a tent in your lawn first. Keep your dog leashed and secure, similar to a real camping trip. Then, call over a few friends or family members, and have a bonfire complete with hot dogs. It is an ideal way to help your dog feel more vivid and comfortable by beginning with a familiar setting. 


Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

This is Wendy Hendriks From iClean Internationals Ltd. Life-long learner, committed to working hard at self directed learning environment.

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