Hair of the Dogs

//Hair of the Dogs

Hair of the Dogs

Taking care of your pet dog brings with it a lot of responsibilities. Apart from providing a nutritious and high-quality diet, clean water and a place to stay, dogs also have to be regularly groomed, especially those breeds that have thick, or long coats.

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Shedding hair is quite common for dogs, and a source of frustration for most dog parents as it gets messy around the house. A few strands of dog hair on the furniture or fabrics can trigger an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals.

Shedding hair by dogs usually is not a sign of any sickness. On the contrary, it is typically a sign of a healthy body and hair. The amount of shedding depends on the growth of the hair. The hair ceases to grow on reaching a certain length and gives way to shedding.

Different breeds shed their hair at different intervals, but on a regular basis. The factors that affect the rate of hair growth can be related to the breed, age, hormones, environmental factors and the overall health of the dog. All these play a significant part in determining the length and texture of the hair.

It is also observed that during spring and fall, following changes in the temperature, most breeds tend to shed extra hair. This is referred to as “blowing coat,” wherein dogs shed their winter undercoats to make way for a lighter coat, which protects them in summer. They again shed off their light coats to make way for a much thicker coat ahead of winter.

However, it is essential for you to keep tabs on your dog’s health, as excessive shedding is often a sign of sick dogs. In such instances, hair loss or any changes in the rate of hair growth can be affected by ailments ranging from Cancer to parasites, nutritional deficiencies, and pregnancy-related lactation.

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So if you notice an unusual shedding pattern in your pet, don’t hesitate to approach your vet immediately.

While normal shedding cannot and should not be interfered with, abnormal shedding due to certain diseases can be addressed by proper medication and treatment. Once the underlying factor has been treated successfully, the growth (and shedding) of hair will normalize.

Just like us humans, dogs too need proper care to ensure that their coat remains healthy. We can carry out some precautionary measures to deal with the aftermath.

What pet parents need to realize is that it is nearly impossible to prevent dogs from shedding, and take on the responsibility to clean up afterward. This serves to not only keep your living space clean but also reduce the chances of affecting the health of your family.

The living room sofa and rug are the most common places where you will come across a lot of dog hair. Do not let it gather and stay around for too long. An easy way to clean the material is often by using a pet hair tape roller. For more thorough cleaning, you will have to resort to a vacuum cleaner.

To summarize, the health of your dog’s fur coat ultimately reflects his overall health and well-being. There’s a good chance that a healthy dog’s coat will be strong and shiny as well.

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