Help Your Dog Grooming Business Grow

Surveys conducted have shown that two in every three households have pets. That’s a lot of people and a lot of pets. These pets need to be cared for. While most of the care is given by the owners, for the grooming of the pets, owners prefer to have a licensed groomer so that their pets could have a good experience. This is why the dog grooming business is ever-increasing and dynamic.

Dog grooming is much more than just giving a dog wash. It’s taking care of the dogs thoroughly, knowing how and when to use the dog wash machine, how to approach a scared dog, and much more. Here is how you can help your grooming business to grow.

Having a Website

Surprisingly a high percentage of dog groomers don’t create a website for their business. They believe a Facebook Business Page is all they need. But it isn’t even a close substitute for a professional website. Also, register your business with Google. 

What do people do when they want to find a dog groomer? They look for the nearest place to get a dog wash on Google.

In a world where everyone has access to the web, your online presence matters a lot. It includes your website, branding, portfolio, and your social media channels. If your business doesn’t have these, it loses a lot of potential growth. You need to showcase your talents, equipment such as pet washing machine, pricing and packages, reviews of customers, and lots of pictures of happy dogs.

Efficient Scheduling System

People nowadays absolutely loathe making phone calls. They are more likely to text or email instead of calling. Plus, it can be much faster than over the phone.

The simplest way is to have an “appointment request” form on your website. That way, people can request appointment slots while you can follow-up with them at your convenience to confirm the appointment depending on the availability of groomers, stations, pet washing machine, and other equipment and products. 

Remember to factor in the time for cleaning the grooming and pet washing machine between appointments, and try to schedule dog wash of the dogs with fleas and ticks at the end of the day.

Address the Concerns of the Pet Owners

Use your website to address the most common concerns that a potential client may have. Most of the time, they will not take the time to call and ask about the queries, so it is your responsibility that they are convinced about your ability to handle their pets with affection and care, your experience in grooming and knowledge about the grooming and dog wash machine.

Explain what they should expect after booking a grooming appointment, the list out the grooming and dog wash machine that you have and why they are the best for the pets, how to calm scared puppies or reactive dogs. Remember many new pet owners might hesitate to get their pets near the pet washing machine.


People would love to know heartfelt stories about other pets you have groomed. There’s nothing better than seeing a happy puppy getting a dog wash to convince other pet owners to choose your services. 

In fact, you can also make it a part of the experience of having a ‘photo release’ of the pets getting out of the dog wash machine or later after their grooming.

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