Hot Weather – Safety Tips For Dogs

Summer is the ideal weather for hikes, swimming, and all other outdoor adventures. The heat that comes with summer can be extremely harsh on our pets. So make it a point to learn how to keep your most loyal friend safe this summer.

The biggest dog problem associated with summer is overheating. So it is crucial to know the signs that indicate that your pet is overheating. Make it a point to keep a close eye on them when they are outdoors during this season.

Symptoms like difficulty in breathing, excessive panting, increased heart rate, hyperventilation of lungs, excessive drooling, lethargy and weakness are some of the early signs. If they collapse then it may be too late for them. So it is crucial to keep an eye on them to look for any signs that indicate that they are overheating. When your dog’s body temperature reaches over 104 degrees, severe permanent reactions like bloody diarrhea, vomiting and seizures may occur in their body. Dogs generally collapse rather than taking a break from any sort of physical activity so it is up to us to make them stop.

Dogs that are most susceptible to overheating are young puppies, old dogs, overweight dogs and those dogs that suffer from heart and respiratory ailments. Some dogs like pugs have a flat nose. This makes them extremely vulnerable to overheating as they cannot efficiently release adequate heat from their body by panting. They will just keep getting hotter and collapse.

If you find your pet is overheating, knowing what do in that instance and acting quickly can prevent any complications. Time is of the essence in such situations so you need to have a good comprehensive knowledge of what to do in order to save them. The first thing that you must do is to move them into a cooler area. This may be an air-conditioned room or even just a cool shady area, well protected from the sun. You can then cool down their head, neck, and chest by applying ice packs or cold towels. If you don’t have access to them, you can just run cool water over them.

At this instance, making them drink excess water can prove to be dangerous. Let them drink just short amounts of water or better yet let them lick ice cubes. If you feel like it may be getting worse, it is best to call up your vet. Ask them to come and take a look or you can take your dog to them.

Of course, preventing this situation altogether is a much better alternative to diagnosing it. You can do this by keeping them well hydrated throughout the day. Provide them with access to fresh drinking water and try to change them twice or thrice a day. This will make sure that their body is well hydrated.

Dog Wash is also mandatory during this hot season. Their body can cool down as well when they are washed. A clean pet is a happy pet. With a Dog Wash Machine, this task is a breeze. Pet Washing Machines are very easy to operate. They don’t make a mess and are present in most big cities so get out there and find one close to your home.

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